X-Claim Records

Boston’s finest, X-Claim Records.  What’s cool about X-Claim releases is that there weren’t multiple versions or pressings of anything, and there’s only 6 of em, so it’s just a matter of getting a copy, any copy. The challenge with some of these X-Claim releases though is the quality of the copy you find. They’re all pretty beat up.  I’ve upgraded many of my copies of all six X-Claim LP’s over the years.  I went ahead and included the inserts in all of the photos to show that these are all pretty nice copies of each release.

X-1  SSD – “The Kids Will Have Their Say” LP

X-Claim’s first release is a total classic, from the cover photo to the record.  I can’t think of a cooler fucking album cover.  This copy is in great condition, from the jacket to the vinyl to the insert.  This album has been booted many times over the years, some easier to detect than the others.  The top copy with white labels is an original with “X-Claim” detail on the labels. The bottom copy is an infamous bootleg, but no attempt was made to disguise it…

The real X-Claim release with white label is on the left, bootleg with silver labels on the right.  You can see “eX-Claim” on the silver label art.  Seems like a slap in the face to me.  I won’t get into the alleged details, but this bootleg was “possibly” made and sold by a bunch of well known folks from NYC back when there was a healthy rivalry with the Boston dudes.  Fun stuff.

X-2  F.U.’s – “Kill For Christ” LP

The first F.U.’s LP has original Pushead artwork.  Another nice, clean copy!

X-3  SSD – “Get It Away” LP

The second SSD LP… Another record that’s been bootlegged a billion times. This one can actually be kinda hard to detect if you have an original or not.  The blue color on the jacket seems to differ quite a bit on most bootlegs.

X-4  DYS – “Brotherhood” LP

More classic cover art.  I love the aesthetic of this one and the SSD Kid’s LP.  Whereas the Kids LP is a great photograph, this one is great classic hardcore artwork that sorta paved the way for a lot of other “hooded youth crew” type imagery, I think.

X-5  F.U.’s – “My America” LP

Anyone who has ever owned a copy of this record knows how impossible it is to find a copy in decent condition. Why?  Because the jacket stock was printed on that same stock that the 1st pressing of the Faith/Void LP on Dischord was printed on, or the 1st pressing of the Flex Your Head LP comp with Violin cover, or the 1st pressing of the Scream LP.  Any of these records have the same problem with the jacket wear. It’s like this matte stock with no gloss, and it’s almost got a micro-raised texture to it or something.  Imagine like a “knitted” cover, if you rubbed it across other records, some of it would make contact, while other parts of it wouldn’t. So it wears really unevenly, and almost always shows heavy ring wear.  That’s the best way I can describe it.  Anyway, this is far and away the best copy of this jacket I’ve ever owned, and even so, it’s got some wear.

X-6  Jerry’s Kids – “Is This My World?” LP

A very clean copy of the Jerry’s Kids LP.

My X-Claim collection, at its peak:

  • —————————————–
  • X-1 SS Decontrol (SSD) – The Kids Will Have Their Say (original X-Claim #1 Dischord #7.5)
  • X-2 F.U.’s – Kill For Christ (X-Claim #2, NM/NM condition)
  • X-3 SS Decontrol (SSD) – Get It Away (original X-Claim #3)
  • X-4 DYS – Brotherhood (original on X-Claim #4)
  • X-5 F.U.’s – My America (original X-Claim #5)
  • X-6 Jerry’s Kids – Is This My World? (original X-Claim #6)

4 Responses to X-Claim Records

  1. Jason Hook says:

    The first Cops and Robbers 7″ was put out on X-Claim. I know there are a couple cds with the X-Claim label on them too. The name X-Claim was used by people self releasing records. It is kind of a collective. Anyway, the blog rules keep up the good work.

  2. Jason Hook says:

    For example,


    It actually has a p.o. box listed for the label. It also has a copy right symbol after the logo. Weird. Does anyone know the story on this?

  3. Anonymous says:

    how much is the original f.u.’s kill for Christ worth?

  4. eatindust says:

    @Jason: Alan Barile, the Guitarplayer for SSD formed that band Gage in 1994, in which he played bass. Since he did X-Claim! I guess that might explain why the cd has the label on the back.

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