Verse is the band that really put Rivalry Records on the map, especially with getting the East Coast to notice what the Rivalry Family was doing out here on the West Coast.  This early struggle to push through all sorts of barriers and make our mark on the world will forever bond me to this group of dudes.  I also included the What Feeds The Fire 7″ in the Verse photos since that band involved a lot of the Verse and Soul Control guys.

Despite this band being very important to me, what you’ll see here is primarily just photos. Refer to the Rivalry Records entry for my reasons behind not including lengthy stories or pressing info for all of the Rivalry stuff…

Verse – “Four Songs” 7″The first Verse 7″, released on Contrast Records by Al Barkley.

Test pressing, out of only 5 copies!  There’s a couple of cool early Verse stickers, as well as a printed photograph.

The back of the test pressing, #2/5.  I also owned a second copy, #4/5, but recently sold it.

Black/yellow swirl copy,  out of only 2 copies in existence!  Comes with a metal cover, spray painted with tan paint.  You can see the bright reflection off the metal cover.  Cool shit.

This photo shows the yellow/black swirl much better when set against a regular black copy.

Another view of everything.

Comparing all the different shades of green and yellow.  The only “real” colors pressed were separate green marble and yellow marble pressings.  The transparent green and green/yellow mixes are super rare, less than 10 copies of each variation.

Here you can get a good look at all the swirls.  Top left is green/yellow mix (but more green), top right is green/yellow mix (but more yellow), bottom two are the regular colors, on top is the transparent green copy (super rare).

The 2nd pressing had some pink variants.  The most rare is the pink/grey swirl, out of something like 23 copies.  Then the rest of the pink pressing is various shades of pink, with some being such light pink that they almost look white.

Another view of the pink shades.

One more view of the pink.

The clear vinyl copies have blank stamped labels.  I have a rare copy on clear that has quite a bit of white swirl.  Only a few were like this, the rest are pretty standard clear vinyl.

The layout of the 1st pressing.

The layout of the 2nd pressing.  The inside is completely blank, so I just put two covers in this photo to be artsy fartsy.

Verse – “Rebuild” LPRivalry #8.  This was “RIVAL” Records’ first LP, and it really defined what this label was going to be all about, so this will always be a super special record to me.  Verse is the band that really put Rivalry Records on the map, especially with getting the East Coast to notice what the Rivalry Family was doing out here on the West Coast.  This early struggle to push through all sorts of barriers and make our mark on the world will forever bond me to this group of dudes.

This is one of a kind, and one of my favorite pieces of vinyl that I own.  It is the result of the transition between the green vinyl and the gold vinyl in the machine at the pressing plant. When I went in to Bill Smith Custom Records to pick up the completed LPs, I saw this LP hanging on the wall amongst a bunch of other cool “abnormalities” that they’ve had over the years of pressing records. I told the guy I needed to have that record. He relucantly handed it over, and it now hangs in a frame on the wall in my home.

Test pressings have stamped labels.  12 of the 14 test pressings come with regular jackets.  Zach and I each kept a copy without a jacket because we only had the 12 extra jackets, so this one does not have a jacket.

A closer look.

The only distinct colors pressed were green marble, transparent yellow, and black.  Here you can see a couple of cool variants – a green copy with some yellow in it (upper left), and a yellow copy with some black streaks (lower left).

I kept quite a few of the green copies (only 122 pressed originally).  I remember being super excited because this was the first LP that I had ever pressed on my own, and to top it off, I always loved the green vinyl of the Judge LP.  Finally holding it in my hands was a big moment for me, so I kept a bunch of em!  There are some various shades, varying from a lighter mint green to a nice “judge green” marble.

Check out the original “RIVAL” Records logo, before we were forced to change the name to Rivalry.

A quick pre-pressing on black vinyl with blank labels was made for Posi Numbers 2004.   We had the jackets finished, but the vinyl was lagging.  These were overnighted to me, I stamped and assembled them, and I took them on the airplane with me to Philly!  So fucking heavy!  This was the fateful Posi Numbers at the “maze” place, where there were all the gnarly fights and everything.  I remember sitting there trying to get out of the way, as some dude got smashed on the Allegiance merch table, breaking the table in half!

For the first Verse European Tour, we did a 2nd pressing on black vinyl with yellow labels.  The night before they were flying out, Sean decided to stay up all night spray painting covers.  He very quickly realized this much spray paint was going to make him high, not to mention that he probably didn’t have enough paint to finish even half of them.  He stopped doing the Providence skyline after only a few of them.  The rest just have the band name and european tour text… So good luck finding a Providence stencil.  There could be anywhere from 10 to 30 of these, but I very rarely see them pop up.

Here’s a poster from that Euro Tour where they sold the Rebuild LP’s.

Sean didn’t have time to finish making jackets for all of the yellow label copies, so the remaining 69 copies were used later for a California weekend cover when Verse flew out for Rivalry Showcase 2006.

Close up of the Cali Weekend cover.

The layout.  I always especially really liked the back cover of this LP jacket.  Verse always represented their Providence roots, and I really liked that.  I think it’s really important for punk to have a regional/local flavor in the band’s aesthetic.  John Twentyfive did an awesome job with designing and executing the layout.

I printed extra inserts and used them as promo posters.

The Verse “Schizo” press.  I had 41 extra gold vinyl “Rebuild” LP’s and inserts with no jackets.  Rather than make a limited cover for the Rivalry Showcase, we threw the Rebuild LP’s inside “From Anger And Rage” LP jackets. 

“From Anger And Rage…. Comes Rebuilding”.  You see what I did there?

A longsleeve printed for the Summer 2005 tour with Bane.

This was right after we changed our name to Rivalry, and this was the first shirt that had the new Rivalry “R crest” logo. We printed it really big on the back to draw attention. We ended up continuing this big back print on a ton of our merch in the future.

Verse – “From Anger And Rage” LPRivalry #20

Test pressings come with regular LP jackets.

Some of the spray painted record release covers came with red/white vinyl, but most came with white vinyl.

Close up of the numbered record release.

These were the distinct colors pressed.

Sean and I purposely picked the ugliest color combination we could think of for the “friends pressing” of this LP.  I always liked mint chocolate chip ice cream…

When Zach and I were spray painting the Sound And Fury covers, we were dicking around and spray painted some of them “solid gold”.  I didn’t sell any of these, but I kept a couple of them lying around at home.  The ones we sold at S&F looked like the one in the top of the photo, not the bottom one.

Sound And Fury 2007 copies have spray painted covers and stamped labels.

Gatefold layout.

Long after this album was originally pressed, Prugelprinz Records in Europe repressed it for one of Verse’s European Tours.

Pre-order edition.

Tour edition.

The label’s information on the back cover is the only difference between the layouts of the Rivalry version and euro version.  The only other difference: the euro cover is actually red… It doesn’t have that ugly orange-ish tint like the Rivalry version does.  The CD version on Rivalry came out appropriately red.  I’m not sure why the Rivalry LP jackets came out with that crappy orange tint.  That always bummed me out.  The photo above really displays the difference in tint.

Promo poster for Verse / Comeback Kid Japan Tour.

I flew to Japan and traveled with Verse, Comeback Kid, and FC Five in a small van.  It was an awesome experience.  Along the way I grabbed some show posters that were hung up around the cities.

Another show in Japan.

CD-R demos aren’t anything special, but I found this the other day and figured I’d add it here. I became buddies with Scott Wade (the original CBK singer) over AIM (AOL Instant Messenger, haha), and we always talked about how we wished that our bands could play shows together, but we were both “demo only bands”, living thousands of miles apart. Not to mention CBK was isolated way out in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada! A year or two later, they signed to Facedown Records, came out to California, and played shows with my band, The Damage Done. We were stoked! Who knew that 6 years later I would travel with them on a CBK/Verse tour to Japan!

Taken at a show in Japan, with mostly U.S. Marines at the show. It was “interesting”, to say the least.

Sean and I at Nagoya Castle in Japan.

Crew pic at Nagoya Castle. Verse, Comeback Kid, FC Five.

The last show on the Verse / CBK Japan Tour. I obviously missed the memo.

Crew pic just before we left for the airport. This was one of the dude’s in FC Five’s parent’s house. They were so kind as to let all of us stay there for 4 or 5 nights. Unbelievably cool!

Allegiance, Verse, Down To Nothing. Somewhere on a U.S. Tour.

Verse – “Aggression” LPRivalry #31.  CD on Bridge 9 Records, LP on Rivalry.

Test pressing

Test #1/25

I pressed the black vinyl copies specifically for the record release.  When I mailed them out to the band, I didn’t realize they were also going to spray paint the covers.  I had already kept a few of the black vinyl copies for me, Zach, and the other homies in Cali.  So, there are a few copies that do not have spray painted covers.

There were very few of the clear/black split copies that came out looking orange/black.  I’ve only seen 3 or 4 of these around…  Not sure how many exist.

A direct comparison of the regular clear/black split vs. the super rare orange/black split.

The distinct colors.

The layout has a cool 24×12″ fold out insert with a sweet live photo.

Verse – “Story Of A Free Man” 7″The “Story Of A Free Man” 7″ came out on Bridge 9 Records as a single before the “Aggression” LP.

Test pressings have stamped labels and dust sleeves, but do not have covers.


Verse – “Live At Sound & Fury” 7″Here’s a test pressing of the “Live at Sound & Fury” 7″.  Oddly enough, I don’t own a regular copy.  This was one of B9’s bonus 7″s given away to those who ordered other stuff.

Verse @ Rivalry Showcase 2008

Verse @ Rivalry Showcase 2008. Click above to watch, or watch on Vimeo for a larger version.

What Feeds The Fire – “Set Me Free” 7″Just for fun, I included the What Feeds The Fire 7″ here.  WFTF members later went on to form Verse and Soul Control.  Sean sang in WFTF and Verse.  This 7″ was released on Anchor Records by Aram Arslanian (Champion).  Anchor was his first label, long before he ever started React Records.  I’m not sure why I put 2 copies on white vinyl with regular cover in this photo – there’s no difference, I guess somehow I owned 2 and didn’t realize it.

Rejected test pressing on the left, accepted test on the right.  Rejected tests have the Bad Brains rip-off cover – “Pay for Crap!”.  Accepted tests have a regular cover, with special red foil embossing (regular covers have silver foil).  It seems like Aram’s releases (including Champion) always had rejected test pressings!  Examples:  WFTF 7″, Allegiance 7″, Champion 7″, Champion LP, plus more on React Records.  Bad luck!

The back of the rejected test pressing.  “Skipping Records Blow Ass” hahaha.

Aram. Pissed.

Cool tri-fold screen printed covers, made for pre-orders.

Pre-order, clear vinyl, #4/120.  The WFTF logo is awesome.  The “I” is a burning match – so cool.  I think Scott Magrath designed it.

Hell Fest 2002 cover.

Hell Fest 07/06/02 sticker.  Looks like it was done with one of those supermarket pricetag guns, haha.  Kind of a cool way to “stamp” a record.

Cro-Mags rip-off cover, which was actually never sold, so they can be tough to find.  I think someone talked some sense into the band members before attempting to sell these.  Probably not the best idea, for some obvious reasons.

The layout of this 7″ is so rad.  It is designed like a match book, complete with staples and “strike” area on back.  The embossed foil cover is cool too.  What Feeds The FIRE… Get it?

Matchbook layout, complete with “matches” insert inside, duhhhh.

Vegetarian sticker, Antidote rip-off.  Sick.

Teen Idles rip-off shirt.

V/A – “Anger Management” 7″ Compilation
WFTF released their only additional song, “Without The Weapon”, on the “Anger Management” comp on Martyr Records.  This song was awesome, and it was eventually going to come out on an LP on Deathwish, Inc.  Bummer that never happened, I think it would have been awesome.  I had a test pressing plus a bunch of other colors of this 7″, but I sold them a while back.

Inside of the layout.

Blue vinyl

Here’s the test pressing of the Anger Management 7″ comp.

My Verse collection, at its peak:

  • Verse – Four Songs (TEST PRESS, #2/5)
  • Verse – Four Songs (BLACK W/YELLOW SWIRLS, spray painted metal cover, out of 2)
  • Verse – Four Songs (CLEAR GREEN, out of 7)
  • Verse – Four Songs (GREEN/YELLOW SWIRL, it’s more yellow, out of 13)
  • Verse – Four Songs (GREEN/YELLOW SWIRL, it’s more green, out of 13)
  • Verse – Four Songs (GREEN MARBLE, out of 98)
  • Verse – Four Songs (GREEN MARBLE, out of 98)
  • Verse – Four Songs (YELLOW MARBLE, out of 383)
  • Verse – Four Songs (BLACK, out of 98)
  • Verse – Four Songs (PINK/GREY mix, Final Press, out of 23)
  • Verse – Four Songs (CLEAR, slight White “smoke” in the vinyl, Final Press, #16/200)
  • Verse – Four Songs (CLEAR, entire 7″ is “milky white”, Final Press, #24/200)
  • Verse – Four Songs (LIGHT PINK, almost white, out of 10 or so)
  • Verse – Four Songs (PINK, Final Press, out of 300)
  • Verse – Story Of A Free Man (TEST PRESS #14/15)
  • Verse – Story Of A Free Man (CLEAR, out of 300)
  • Verse – Story Of A Free Man (RED, out of 700)
  • Verse – Live At Sound And Fury (TEST PRESS, #11/15)
  • Verse – Rebuild (TEST PRESS, #1/14)
  • Verse – Rebuild (METAL PLATE SET, used to press the vinyl – 1 of a kind)
  • Verse – Rebuild (GREEN/YELLOW MIX, 1 of a kind, only 1 copy exists!)
  • Verse – Rebuild (BLACK, posi numbers stamp, #/190)
  • Verse – Rebuild (GREEN, out of 122, mint green shade)
  • Verse – Rebuild (GREEN, out of 122, judge green shade)
  • Verse – Rebuild (GREEN, out of 122, with some GOLD streaks)
  • Verse – Rebuild (GOLD, out of 823)
  • Verse – Rebuild (GOLD, out of 823, with BLACK streaks)
  • Verse – Rebuild (BLACK, YELLOW labels, “California Weekend” cover, #55/69)
  • Verse – Rebuild (BLACK, YELLOW labels, “2005 European Press” WITH PROVIDENCE STENCIL, only 20 or less of these exist!)
  • Verse – Rebuild (BLACK, YELLOW labels, “2005 European Press”, out of 240)
  • Verse – Rebuild (“Schizo Press”, #1/41, Rebuild LP on GOLD with FAAR Gatefold cover. From Anger And Rage…Comes Rebuilding)
  • Verse – From Anger And Rage (TEST PRESS, #1/20)
  • Verse – From Anger And Rage (WHITE, 8.27.06 RECORD RELEASE, #1/108)
  • Verse – From Anger And Rage (RED/WHITE, 8.27.06 RECORD RELEASE, #9/108)
  • Verse – From Anger And Rage (MINT CHIP BROWN/GREEN, Friends Press, out of 110)
  • Verse – From Anger And Rage (RED/YELLOW SWIRL, out of 270)
  • Verse – From Anger And Rage (RED/WHITE nuclear pattern, Summer 2006 tour press, out of 305)
  • Verse – From Anger And Rage (WHITE, 1st pressing, out of 670)
  • Verse – From Anger And Rage (WHITE, spray painted “$ + F 2007” cover, 2nd press, #1/110)
  • Verse – From Anger And Rage (WHITE, 2nd pressing w/”II” label, out of 720)
  • Verse – From Anger And Rage (RED/BLACK SPLIT, #108/275, PruegelPrinz Records)
  • Verse – From Anger And Rage (RED w/BLACK SPLATTER, Euro Tour #272/275, PruegelPrinz Records)
  • Verse – From Anger And Rage (BLACK, out of 500, PruegelPrinz Records)
  • Verse – Aggression (TEST PRESS, #1/25)
  • Verse – Aggression (BLACK, Record Release cover 06.20.2008, out of 100)
  • Verse – Aggression (BLACK, no Record Release stencil, about 10 didn’t get stenciled covers because they were pulled out by Rivalry before shipping to the band who made the stenciled covers)
  • Verse – Aggression (BLACK/ORANGE SPLIT, out of ???, there are a few black/clear splits where the clear is actually almost orange/gold looking)
  • Verse – Aggression (BLACK/CLEAR SPLIT, out of 220)
  • Verse – Aggression (RED w/BLACK HAZE, Summer Tour 2008, out of 220)
  • Verse – Aggression (WHITE/GREY SWIRL, out of 525)
  • Verse – Aggression (RED, out of 1030)
  • Verse – Aggression (GREY, 2nd press, out of 1030)
  • What Feeds The Fire – Set Me Free (REJECTED TEST PRESS, w/Bad Brains rip-off “Pay For Crap!” cover)
  • What Feeds The Fire – Set Me Free (ACCEPTED TEST PRESS, RED foil on cover)
  • What Feeds The Fire – Set Me Free (CLEAR #4/120, spray painted cover)
  • What Feeds The Fire – Set Me Free (CLEAR #32/120, Cro-Mags AOQ cover, these covers were destroyed before the show and were never sold)
  • What Feeds The Fire – Set Me Free (WHITE, Hell Fest 2002 cover with 7-6-02 “pricetag” on labels, out of 50)
  • What Feeds The Fire – Set Me Free (WHITE, out of 200)
  • What Feeds The Fire – Set Me Free (BLACK)
  • V/A – Anger Management (TEST PRESS, KYI, WFTF, Holding On, My Luck, Close Call, Diehard Youth)
  • V/A – Anger Management (RED, KYI, WFTF, Holding On, My Luck, Close Call, Diehard Youth)
  • V/A – Anger Management (BLUE, KYI, WFTF, Holding On, My Luck, Close Call, Diehard Youth)

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