Time Flies

Time Flies was a cool band from Virginia that was pretty much a brother band to Count Me Out, even sharing some members. They were both on Indecision Records and often toured together. Their singer, Kurt, sounds a lot like Civ from Gorilla Biscuits sometimes! I owned a pretty much 100% complete set of Time Flies records, but unfortunately I sold them before taking photos, damnit!

Time Flies – “1997 Demo” cassette tapeTime Flies original demo tape.

Time Flies – “s/t” 7″The first Time Flies 7″ originally came out on Linas Garsys’ first label “Invasion Records”. That label didn’t last long. Eventually Linas teamed up with Tru Pray, formed Malfunction Records, and repressed the Time Flies 7″ on Malfunction. There are only 103 of these clear vinyl copies on Invasion. I also owned a copy on black vinyl, out of 300. I even owned a test pressing of the Invasion pressing, out of only 6 copies! In fact, I owned 2 test pressings because one had a cool “Pilot” cover with it, so I had 1/3rd of all the test pressings, haha.

Back cover, showing Invasion Records #1.

This label photo always cracked me the fuck up. Hardcore kids love pulling the “goofy naked guy” move. hahahaha.

The repress on Malfunction was on green vinyl. It was 138 with this cool Misfits cover, 100 with “Captain Harlock” acetate sleeve, and 25 “Time Flies Crew” covers. I had the other two variations but sold them a while back. There was also a final show pressing on blue vinyl out of 200. I bought one at the final show in Richmond, VA on June 22, 2002, but sold it a while back. I was out there on tour with my band, The Damage Done, but we went to that show in Richmond because we had an off night.

Back cover, showing #49/138.

Here’s a note that came in the package when I pre-ordered this Time Flies record from Malfunction back in 2000. Who knew that 5 years later Tru and I would team up to release a record together (Internal Affairs / Allegiance split 7″ on Rivalry / Malfunction).

Time Flies – “Can’t Change The Past” 7″The 2nd Time Flies 7″ was released by Teamwork Records. This copy had a bunch of other Teamwork Records stickers thrown in! This 7″ contains probably the most popular Time Flies song: “High Fives and Stage Dives”. There were 250 on clear vinyl with the 1st pressing, the rest were black. There was also a 2001 Summer Tour pressing on blue vinyl out of 250. The final 25 copies on blue vinyl were sold with a “Farewell Show” cover and numbered out of 25. I used to own #5/25 but already sold it.

Outside layout

Inside layout

Black vinyl

Time Flies – “On Our Way” LPThis LP is really good and pretty underrated, actually. That song ULTRA is rad, haha. There were 335 on maroon vinyl.

Back cover

Test pressing on Indecision Records!! It is really hard to get your hands on Indecision Records test pressings. There are a couple of reasons for that – 1. there were usually only 8 test pressings of any Indecision release, and 2. Dave Mandel who runs Indecision Records was a record collector himself, so I’m sure a lot of the test pressings ended up in the hands of fellow record collector friends who never let them go. Mandel never did any eBay auction type things like a lot of other hardcore labels, so most of the Indecision tests just never really got out there. I was lucky enough to score some Count Me Out LP test pressings when Colin was selling a bunch of Pete’s stash. To get Indecision Records tests, you pretty much had to snag them from the band members if/when they sold them.

Close-up of the Time Flies LP test pressing labels

My Time Flies collection, at its peak…

  • Time Flies – 1997 demo cassette tape
  • Time Flies – s/t (TEST PRESS, Invasion etching, no cover, out of 6)
  • Time Flies – s/t (TEST PRESS, Invasion etching, Pilot cover, out of 6)
  • Time Flies – s/t (CLEAR, Invasion Records, out of 103)
  • Time Flies – s/t (BLACK, Invasion records, out of 300)
  • Time Flies – s/t (Malfunction records, GREEN MARBLE, “Time Flies Crew” cover, out of 25)
  • Time Flies – s/t (Malfunction records, GREEN MARBLE w/acetate skull cover, out of 100)
  • Time Flies – s/t (Malfunction records, GREEN MARBLE, w/Misfits cover, #’d 49/138)
  • Time Flies – s/t (Malfunction records, BLUE w/last show June 16 & 22 cover, out of 200)
  • Time Flies – Can’t Change The Past (CLEAR, out of 250)
  • Time Flies – Can’t Change The Past (BLUE MARBLE, Summer Tour 2001 stamp, out of 250)
  • Time Flies – Can’t Change The Past (BLUE MARBLE, Farewell Show cover #5/25)
  • Time Flies – Can’t Change The Past (BLACK)
  • Time Flies – On Our Way (TEST PRESS)
  • Time Flies – On Our Way (BURGUNDY, out of 335)

3 Responses to Time Flies

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  2. Marlon says:

    One of my all time favorite bands. I still remember seeing them on their first tour and being the only one singing along to “play the fool”. I recently acquired the dat tape for the invasion/malfunction records 7″ and comp tracks, pretty stoked. Do you still have the “on our way” test press?

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