Ten Yard Fight

Ten Yard Fight, along with Floorpunch, were kind of the leaders of the late 90’s positive hardcore revival.  I actually wasn’t super attached to TYF – even back then I always much preferred In My Eyes and maintain a special connection to IME to this day.  I think it’s probably hard for a band that’s essentially founded on a “fun” extended metaphor of football to really maintain a substantial impact on people… But TYF was most definitely a very important band of this era, and I do still enjoy their records too.

Ten Yard Fight – the 7″‘s…

The first Ten Yard Fight 7″ was the Hardcore Pride 7″. It was released by local Boston label, Big Wheel Recreation.  The 1st pressing was 100 on white, 900 on blue.  The white vinyl can be pretty tough to find since there are only 100 out there, and released on a smaller local label.  I also owned a test pressing of the Big Wheel pressing, shown below..  TYF got popular pretty quickly, so it wasn’t long before Equal Vision Records re-released the Hardcore Pride 7″.  The EVR release was 300 on grey vinyl, plus a bunch more on black.  In addition to obvious colored vinyl and label logos being different, you can tell the difference between the BWR and EVR releases simply by looking at the front cover – notice the Big Wheel pressing has a white border around the front cover.  Sometime later, a European label released the Ten Yard Fight demo on vinyl.  There are supposedly only 50 copies on clear vinyl. Mine has a bunch of black streaks in it.  The rest of the Demo 7″‘s were on black vinyl, but there were several different color variants of the cover.  Both of my copies are yellow covers, but there’s also green, purple, and red covers.  The final Ten Yard Fight 7″ was “The Only Way”, shown in the bottom right hand corner. This 7″ actually came out after the Back On Track LP.  The limited version of this 7″ was actually the black vinyl pressing, out of 300.  There are thousands on burgundy vinyl, and it looks sweet with the layout.  I also owned a test pressing of The Only Way 7″, shown below.

Test pressing of the very first pressing of the Hardcore Pride 7″ on Big Wheel Recreation. You can confirm it is the Big Wheel pressing because of the white border around the cover, as well as the logo on the back of the cover.

Here’s the Big Wheel Records logo on the back cover of the “Hardcore Pride” test pressing.

Test pressing of “The Only Way” 7″ on Equal Vision Records.

The split 7″ with Fastbreak. This one is red vinyl, numbered out of 500 on the back. I like how the Ten Yard Fight boxer is a tough shaved head athletic dude, and the Fastbreak boxer is a little dorky dude with black-rimmed glasses.  Haha, totally appropriate.  There were tons of pressings of this thing that I used to own – blue vinyl regular cover, blue vinyl hardcore cover, green vinyl, clear vinyl, red vinyl with no number, euro tour cover, etc.  I sold them all a while back.

I dug up a few photos that I used for eBay.  Here’s the “Hardcore Cover”, out of 500.

Some of the blue vinyl copies came with a regular cover.

Ten Yard Fight – “Back On Track” LP

Ten Yard Fight’s only LP: “Back On Track”.  This record is really good, I still throw it on every once in a while. I think a lot of people let this release slip through the cracks. You have purist/elitist types who like the demo or Hardcore Pride 7″ the best, then you have a more “mature” crowd that says The Only Way is by far their best stuff.  But I do think the Back On Track LP is the record I listen to the most. Maybe it’s because it’s an LP, plays longer, and just generally easier to throw on and get a good listen in. But I don’t know, I dig it and think a lot of people ignore it a little bit.  It also has a cool poster insert, ala the GB and Judge LP’s, which is always a nice touch.

V/A – “For The Sake Of Dedication” LP Compilation“For The Sake Of Dedication” LP compilation, released by Crucial Response Records in the late 90′s, featuring the best of European hardcore of the time (along with Ten Yard Fight and Floorpunch). On a related note, Go It Alone liked this compilation so much, they designed their “Histories” album layout in homage to this release. You can see pics in the Go It Alone blog entry.

The back of the layout and booklet insert.

Floorpunch page of the booklet.

Ten Yard Fight page of the booklet.

Peter Hoeren ran Crucial Response Records. Printed within the booklet is this explanation for the comp and what the resurgence of hardcore in 1997 meant to him.

V/A – “Supersoul: The Rebirth of Hardcore 1999” LP CompIn 1999, Ray Cappo (Youth Of Today vocalist) released “Supersoul: The Rebirth Of Hardcore 1999” LP Compilation. The comp featured songs from Saves The Day, Fastbreak, In My Eyes, Ten Yard Fight, Rain On The Parade, Atari, Better Than One Thousand, and a bunch of others. I believe this was the first appearance of the new In My Eyes song, “Welcome To Boston”, and my friends and I were all stoked on it. This particular copy happens to be the “band member pressing” on gold vinyl, out of only 50 copies with blank labels.

Here’s the reverse side of the huge fold out poster on the Supersoul comp.

My Ten Yard Fight collection, at its peak:

  • Ten Yard Fight – Demo 1995 (CLEAR, out of 50, Yellow Cover)
  • Ten Yard Fight – Demo 1995 (BLACK, Yellow Cover)
  • Ten Yard Fight – Hardcore Pride (TEST PRESS, Big Wheel Recreation #3)
  • Ten Yard Fight – Hardcore Pride (WHITE, Big Wheel Recs, out of 100)
  • Ten Yard Fight – Hardcore Pride (BLUE, Big Wheel Recs, out of 900)
  • Ten Yard Fight – Hardcore Pride (GREY, EVR, out of 300)
  • Ten Yard Fight – Hardcore Pride (BLACK, EVR)
  • Ten Yard Fight – The Only Way (TEST PRESS)
  • Ten Yard Fight – The Only Way (BLACK, out of 300)
  • Ten Yard Fight – The Only Way (MAROON)
  • Ten Yard Fight / Fastbreak – Split (GREEN, Euro Tour cover, #178/200)
  • Ten Yard Fight / Fastbreak – Split (BLUE, Hardcore cover, out of 500)
  • Ten Yard Fight / Fastbreak – Split (BLUE, regular cover, out of 500)
  • Ten Yard Fight / Fastbreak – Split (RED, #/500)
  • Ten Yard Fight / Fastbreak – Split (GREEN)
  • Ten Yard Fight / Fastbreak – Split (CLEAR)
  • Ten Yard Fight – Back On Track (GOLD, out of 300)
  • V/A – For The Sake Of Dedication (BLACK, Floorpunch, TYF, and many Euro bands from 1997)
  • V/A – SuperSoul Comp – The Rebirth of Hardcore 1999 (GOLD, blank BLACK labels, out of 50, STD, TYF, IME, Fastbreak, BT1K, ROTP, Atari, etc

4 Responses to Ten Yard Fight

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  2. clevo1 says:

    The irony for the TYF/ FB split is the artist, who was our roommate, used me for the FB side. Because I was (am) dorky dude w black horned rimmed glasses.

    • Kyle Whitlow says:

      Clevo – I never knew that, but that is kinda funny. FYI, You’re going to make another funny/dorky appearance in an upcoming blog entry: Right Brigade, the “Clevo Sucks” cover, haha.

  3. Mike says:

    Hey um idk if you will respond to this or not but I have a weird question and you seem to be the guy to ask, I just got the 1995 Demo in the mail with a yellow cover (i thought it was going to be purple but it doesnt matter to me). So I put it on my turntable, WELL instead of Pit of Equality being the second song ong side A its the first on side B and the second song on side A is Line of Scrimmage. This REALLY confuses me, according to the back of the outer sleeve this order is wrong but the insert has the songs listed in this order, whats the deal with this mess up? Could i have a bootlegged vinyl?

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