Shark Attack

I picked up both Shark Attack 7″ test pressings from Tru Pray a couple years ago when he was raising some money for some surgeries for his little bulldog, Chainsaw.  I hit him up directly and bought these and a couple Mouthpiece records from him, avoiding all the hassle of eBay and getting him the money he needed quick.  I hope it helped out his little guy! Originally the first Shark Attack 7″ was pressed on vocalist, Matt Summers’, own record Label, My War Records.  You can see an original My War pressing with silver labels in the upper right hand corner. It was just a small quick press of ~400-500 copies I think.  People got interested in this band quick, and Bridge 9 quickly repressed the 7″ on grey, red, and black vinyl.  B9 used the same pressing plates, so there were no new test pressings made for the B9 release.  The band did a show in their hometown Philly and put “Fuck Philly” stamps on dust sleeves of 60 copies.  I think you had to have your show ticket to get the 7″ or something. Anyway, somehow my copy ended up with two Blacklist Booking ticket things, numbered out of 60.   Not sure where the second one belongs to.   The only B9 pressing not shown here is 1st pressing black vinyl with red labels out of 1500 because I sold it before taking this photo.  You do see the 2nd pressing with white labels out of 1000.  Quite a bit later, Shark Attack released a “Feeding Frenzy” demo tape that had some new songs.  Relections Records released a CD that had all of the Shark Attack material on it, but the band’s members were starting to fizzle out.  So Matt Summers pressed 300 copies of the Feeding Frenzy 7″, and you got it for free by pre-ordering the CD from My War Records.  Back then we used to mail cash or money orders via snail mail.  Even in 1999/2000 we weren’t doing a ton of paypal stuff.  The Feeding Frenzy test press in the lower left hand corner has cool custom hand-drawn Linas art that didn’t appear on any of the 7″s, so that is pretty cool.

The original My War pressing out of 400 copies.

This photo compares the My War vs. Bridge 9 pressing.  The red ink on the cover of the My War is much brighter than the more burgundy color on the B9 rlease.  And the labels are obviously very different.

Another angle…

Close-up of the Fuck Philly stamp and Blacklist Booking ticket(s).

The second (and final) Shark Attack 7″, out of only 300 copies, and only available by pre-ordering the “discography” CD.

On the left is the original “Blood In The Water” demo, before it was released on 7″.  On the right is the demo tape for “Feeding Frenzy” before it was released as a 7″ out of 300 copies only.

These screen-printed posters were made for a Bridge 9 triple record release show in Providence, RI on March 18, 2001.  The records released were American Nightmare “The Sun” 7″, Shark Attack “Blood In The Water” 7″ (B9 version), and Death Threat – “Peace And Security” LP.  The posters feature original artwork by Linas Garsys and are hand-numbered out of 120 and signed by Linas Garsys at the bottom.  The poster on the left is obviously Shark Attack, the middle is Death Threat, the right is American  Nightmare.  These things are so fucking sick!!  They are framed together and hang on the wall in my home.  My friends Sarah Clark and Walter Yetman picked these up for me when they lived out on the East Coast during this period.  Oddly enough, these framed copies hanging on my wall are actually Sarah’s copies.  She is the one that got them framed, and they used to hang in her place, but they don’t really fit well in her current place.  I was talking about how much I liked hers and wanted to get mine framed to hang in my house.  She offered to let me borrow these indefinitely until a time when she had more room to hang them up again.  So someday when she takes these back, I’m going to have to get off my ass and get mine framed too!

My Shark Attack collection, at its peak:

  • Shark Attack – Blood In The Water (TEST PRESS, My War #2, Bridge 9 used the My War plates, so the MWR-02 test pressings are the only ones that exist for this release)
  • Shark Attack – Blood In The Water (My War recs, out of 400)
  • Shark Attack – Blood In The Water (GREY, out of 150, Bridge 9 recs)
  • Shark Attack – Blood In The Water (RED, Fuck Philly stamp, #25/60 and #13/60 has 2 tickets, Bridge 9 recs)
  • Shark Attack – Blood In The Water (RED, out of 350, Bridge 9 recs)
  • Shark Attack – Blood In The Water (BLACK, w/RED labels, out of 1500, Bridge 9 Recs)
  • Shark Attack – Blood In The Water (BLACK, w/WHITE labels, 2nd press, out of 1000, Bridge 9 Recs)
  • Shark Attack – Feeding Frenzy (TEST PRESS, hand-drawn/colored cover with unique shark/skull art by Linas Garsys not ever used on anything else)
  • Shark Attack – Feeding Frenzy (BLACK, out of 300)
  • Shark Attack – Blood In The Water EP Demo tape
  • Shark Attack – Feeding Frenzy 5 Song Demo tape

5 Responses to Shark Attack

  1. alex says:

    Kyle i think you got that fuck philly 7″ from me. At the show i bought 2 of them from Summers. I think i may have accidentally put both tickets in 1 7″. I sold the other copy years before this one with no ticket out of my trade box. From what i remember the band had a show with the gatecrashers in allentown at double decker. Someone booked a big show in philly the same day and no philly people came up to the show hence the “fuck philly” stamp.

  2. Kyle Whitlow says:

    Alex – This is awesome, thanks for posting! I’m going to cut and paste your reply into the original post so we always have it in case this blog ever moved or something. Thanks again!

  3. Chris Estrada says:

    Is your red copy on the right trasparent or solid? It looks solid to me which is cool because I’ve never heard of it being that color. Thanks man!

    • Kyle Whitlow says:

      No, it’s transparent. I see what you mean about it looking solid in the picture. Just a combination of the light and the white dust sleeve in the back making it appear solid.

  4. Dieter says:

    Hi Kyle
    I wondered if you still had some of these and were willing to sell any?

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