Right Brigade

Right Brigade was a sweet band of the 1999-2001 era.  They didn’t put out a ton of stuff, but that early stuff was kind of a game changer, at least at the time.  It was snotty, angry, negative, NYHC influenced hardcore amongst an eastern seaboard scene of thin, clean sounding positive hardcore.  The good: Right Brigade was a fucking sweet band to listen to, making you want to mosh your ass off and generally just kinda fuck things up.  The bad: Right Brigade created an entire generation of suburban new hards, hahaha.  Every skinny little turd of a kid decided they were going to be on the hard tip now, instead of the posi core tip.  Fuck it though, at least it got a few people to stop being total weiners.  And in the long run, it might have been worth dealing with all of these little shits.  Why?  Because it did help make newer bands start to write thicker riffs that were more influenced by the classic NYHC bands than some of the really cheesy lower echelon of the positive hardcore bands.  I think we need both kinds of hardcore, and Right Brigade, along with the Floorpunch dudes’ stories on messageboards like the Rev board and the Mullet board (haha), really turned kids on to a whole slew of stuff that they probably wouldn’t have ever really started listening to.  Examples: Cro-Mags, Outburst, Raw Deal/Killing Time, Breakdown, and hell, even making it “cool” to like Madball again!  There was this shitty period where it was totally “wack” to like Madball, which was retarded.  Despite never touring or doing much of anything, I think Right Brigade was an important band of that period because of that influence they had on newer, smaller hardcore bands to play HARDcore.  Plus, I still think their stuff totally rips!

Right Brigade – “Demo 98” cassette tapeRight Brigade was pretty much able to do all of this with only a demo cassette tape and rarely playing outside of New England.  It was quite a while before there was any Right Brigade stuff on vinyl or CD, so it was impressive that many kids were jocking them when all they really had was that demo tape.

Right Brigade / A Poor Excuse – “Split” 7″The first Right Brigade songs on vinyl were on the split with A Poor Excuse on Bridge Nine Records.  I really feel like this was the true beginning of the B9 Records we know today. They released this Right Brigade split 7″, and then shortly thereafter the first American Nightmare 7″.  These were the two most talked about bands in that 2000-2001 time period since In My Eyes was calling it quits (and Bane was already kind of an established “bigger” band).  Prior to this B9 had released other local stuff like Tenfold, Sum of All Fears, Proclamation, and The Trust 7″ (which was dope!), but the releases by Right Brigade and American Nightmare felt a lot different.  It really gave everyone the feeling that B9 was going to become the new top dog.  The pre-orders for this 7″ took forever to come out, because there were several problems with the covers getting printed.  So there ended up being a bunch of limited covers – so much so, that the black vinyl with regular cover became kind of a rarity, haha!  The first limited cover was a rip-off of the Iron Cross “Hated And Proud” 7″, mine is #9/69. The next limited cover was the “Boston Invasion” cover made for a weekend of shows with Right Brigade, American Nightmare, and In My Eyes. Now that is a sweet lineup! This weekend was just two shows – one in Maine, one in DC.  Talk about a brutal weekend of driving… From Boston up to Maine, Maine down to D.C., and then all the way back up to Boston!  I’m thinking No Justice might have even played the D.C. show too, which makes the lineup even more sick!  I could be wrong about No Justice playing it though.  Anyway, these “Boston Invasion” covers are out of 150, mine is #54/150.  The covers still didn’t get finished, so Chris Wrenn (B9) made these “Custom Printing of San Diego, CA Can FUCK OFF!” covers, out of 100 copies.  The back of the cover explains the delay in covers and various mistakes by “Custom Printing of San Diego, CA”.  Eventually the covers finally came in, so the few black copies that were left did get covers.  But there are only 181 on black vinyl with regular covers, which is kind of funny.  The pre-orders got yellow vinyl, mine is #37/153 on the dust sleeve.  There was also red vinyl for those that ordered more than one copy, mine is #13/355.  I got both of the yellow and red copies via direct pre-order from Bridge 9.  I  spent the next 2 or 3 months after this 7″ came out scouring trade lists and messageboard posts, and eventually got all of the limited covers by trading with others on the east coast who had bought them at shows.  The 1st pressing sold out really quickly, largely because most of them had been easy to sell as limited covers at shows, haha.  So it wasn’t long before B9 did a 2nd press – the “piss and water pressing” (or was it “beer and water?”), which was 250 on clear, 750 on gold.  After a while there was a 3rd pressing on white vinyl, out of 350.  I bought all of these direct from B9 as they got released.  I got my test pressing sometime around 2007 in an epic trade with my Italian buddy, Giampaolo Billia.  In the trade, I received this RB/APE split 7″ test pressing #9/25, an original Project X 7″ on Schism (with hand-written labels that say “I was straightedge before you heard Sex Pistols!” haha), a Mouthpiece 7″ on clear with “Increase The Grease” stamp out of only 50 copies, and a one-of-a-kind turquoise American Nightmare demo 7″ (blue vinyl is already rare out of 30, but this one is more unique).  Paolo and I have been trading records for nearly 12 years now.  He once showed me around Rome back in 2002 when I was on a backpacking trip through Europe!  He’s an awesome dude, and I hope to hang out with him again sometime – this time with his wife and children!

The back of the test pressing cover.

The back of the “Iron Cross rip-off” cover.

The back of the “Boston Invasion” cover.  AN, IME, and RB – sick shows!

The back of the “Custom Printing Can FUCK OFF” covers, out of 100.  There is a description of the delays with the covers.  C Wrenn was heated! haha.

The 1st pressing red and yellow copies have stamped dust sleeves. Yellow out of 153 and red out of 355.

Right Brigade – “s/t” 7″The first non-split Right Brigade release came out on Jamey Hatebreed’s label, Stillborn Records.  The 1st pressing was 1,000 copies on white vinyl.  This was another situation where the covers weren’t ready, so the first 200 copies got a photo-copied white cover.  I was able to get someone to pick me up a copy at the record release show.  The covers eventually got finished, so the remaining 800 on white vinyl have the regular cover.  At least they didn’t have to continue doing different limited covers like the split 7″! haha.  A few years later there was a repress on pink vinyl, out of 1,000 more copies (though I don’t know if I’ve ever heard 1,000 confirmed).  Sometime around 2007-2009 I started seeing a couple transparent red vinyl copies popping up on eBay every once in a while.  I’m almost sure there was not another pressing, and these are just cool variants of the pink vinyl pressing (to make pink, pressing plants mix red and white vinyl, so it isn’t a surprise that some would come out red).  So I bought one of these clear red copies one day for like $12 or something. 

The only copy I haven’t mentioned yet is that “Clevo Sucks” cover, mine is #33/38.  To be honest, I don’t know what the deal was with these.  I mean, I know they’re obviously dicking around with their friend, Brian “Clevo” Ristau.  But, I mean I don’t know if these were made years later, if they made these for a show, if they just gave them to friends, or what.  Clevo posted in my Ten Yard Fight blog entry, so maybe he’ll chime in here too and let me know when/where RB made/sold these “Clevo Sucks” covers, haha.  Or, I’m sure there’s plenty of other people out there that know what’s up with these, I really just don’t remember.  The funniest part of the cover is the little arrow pointing to a “Mystical Dragon” tattoo, hahaha.

Close-up of the numbering on the labels, #33/38. This record came out on Stillborn Records, but the back of this limited cover jokingly lists it as Standhard Records #9, with website http://www.eBay.com. Also note the “original layout hardly done by John Lacroix”, haha.

The back cover also lists scab members, Todd Jones, etc. haha.

Right Brigade – “s/t” LPAh, the Right Brigade LP. The pressing info on this one is simple – only one pressing, 317 on red vinyl, 775 on black vinyl.  There were all sorts of funny rumors swirling about this record before it came out on Revelation Records.  It all started with the Fastbreak “Whenever You’re Ready” LP that came out on Revelation.  Fastbreak broke up shortly after releasing it, but they had signed a two record deal with Revelation.  This issue reared its ugly head a couple years later when Pat (vocalist of Fastbreak) was playing guitar in Right Brigade, and Revelation claimed Right Brigade owed them a record since the Fastbreak contract stipulated that members’ future bands would owe towards the contract if Fastbreak did not fulfill both record deals.  I think Right Brigade was already having band member problems internally, and there were all sorts of crazy rumors about the Right Brigade LP having all those crazy samples on it, and how the samples were added in late night recording sessions without Jesse Standard (vocalist) knowing about it until it was released.  Then the rumor was that Right Brigade was purposely making the record “crappy” to “screw over Revelation”. Then the rumor was that the band had broken up before they even recorded, but they were “forced into” recording an LP they didn’t even want to record… haha.  All sorts of rumors like that – who knows how it all actually played out.  Bottom line is the band was on its last legs, and if an LP was going to come out, it was going to come out on Revelation due to Fastbreak contract issues.  In the end, I think it’s still a cool record to listen to. I think that kids love to just jump on the bandwagon and hate on things without really developing their own opinion based on the actual music on the record.  Granted, it doesn’t hit you as hard as the demo or 7″s, but it’s still a cool LP to jam and/or mosh to.  “Fuck the kids”.


Here’s a strange green colored Right Brigade shirt. Either this was a one-off print by the screen printer, or they didn’t make many of this color, because I’ve never seen another one of these around… There’s no back print.

My Right Brigade collection, at its peak:

  • Right Brigade – Demo 98 cassette tape
  • Right Brigade / A Poor Excuse – Split (TEST PRESS, #9/25)
  • Right Brigade / A Poor Excuse – Split (BLACK, w/Iron Cross rip off cover, #09/69)
  • Right Brigade / A Poor Excuse – Split (BLACK, w/CUSTOM PRINTING CAN FUCK OFF! cover, out of 100)
  • Right Brigade / A Poor Excuse – Split (BLACK, w/ltd. Boston Invasion cover #54/150)
  • Right Brigade / A Poor Excuse – Split (BLACK, w/regular cover, out of 181)
  • Right Brigade / A Poor Excuse – Split (YELLOW MARBLE, #37/153)
  • Right Brigade / A Poor Excuse – Split (RED, #13/355)
  • Right Brigade / A Poor Excuse – Split (CLEAR, 2nd press, out of 250)
  • Right Brigade / A Poor Excuse – Split (GOLD, 2nd press, out of 750)
  • Right Brigade / A Poor Excuse – Split (WHITE, 3rd press, out of 350)
  • Right Brigade – s/t (WHITE, #33/38, Clevo Sucks cover)
  • Right Brigade – s/t (WHITE, white record release cover, out of 200)
  • Right Brigade – s/t (WHITE, regular color cover, out of 800)
  • Right Brigade – s/t (PINK, 2nd press)
  • Right Brigade – s/t (CLEAR RED, rare variant, 2nd press)
  • Right Brigade – s/t LP (RED, out of 317)
  • Right Brigade – s/t LP (BLACK, out of 775)

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    Do you have any idea about the ‘pressing info’ on the ’98 Demo cassette?

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