Reach The Sky

Reach The Sky was definitely part of the crew of Boston bands in the late nineties, along with Ten Yard Fight, In My Eyes, Fastbreak, BaneRight Brigade, and eventually American Nightmare in the early 2000’s.  But Reach The Sky kind of went their own route, with writing songs about girls/relationships and releasing their LP’s on Victory Records.  I was always a fan of Reach The Sky, and eventually came to know their vocalist Ian Larrabee a little bit.  Originally I think we probably crossed paths posting on the Rev or Mullet boards, haha.  But over time, we somehow got introduced when Reach The Sky made one of their many trips to California.  I distinctly remember hanging out with Ian at a Barbeque in Santa Cruz, CA on either Memorial Day or Labor Day one year, when Reach The Sky was passing through town.  I’m sure the BBQ was probably thrown by one of the usual suspects – my friends Spencer, Allison, Kristin, etc.  Anyway, I got to know Ian a little bit that day, and he was always super friendly to me and would go out of his way to say hello and help me out.  Years later, when I started a small local band called The Damage Done, Ian contacted me and wanted me to send him a bunch of demos so he could pass them around to his friends on tour, etc.  He was just always really friendly to me and my friends.  And for a young 18-19 year old hardcore kid, that really made a difference to me.  All in all, Reach The Sky shows were just always a good time, and I always looked forward to their trips to California.

Reach The Sky – “Demo” cassette tapesHere’s the Reach The Sky demo tapes.  If I remember correctly, the left is the first demo, the right is the “4 new songs” which were used for 7″s and/or splits later?

Reach The Sky – “Demo” 7″The “Demo” 7″ on Espo Records features a photo of the “Miracle On Ice” 1980 USA Olympic hockey team, so obviously the vinyl colors follow – red, white, and blue, plus gold for the gold medal!  Cool shit.  Oh, and there’s regular black vinyl too.  I also owned a test pressing, which is shown below. Pressing info was 200 on white, 300 on blue, 500 on red, 500 on gold, and a bunch on black.

Test pressing of the RTS “Demo” 7″.  I remember getting this from Anton at Underestimated Records when he was doing an “auction” on the Rev board.  Before hardcore kids really used eBay much, we did our own auctions by updating a messageboard post once a day with the highest bids that had been emailed in!

The layout of the Demo 7″.

The back cover of the Demo 7″ has a photo of “The Miracle On Ice” 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Team.

Reach The Sky – “Open Roads And Broken Dreams” 7″Here’s the second Reach The Sky 7″, which rounds out my favorite material by them… I really do like the first two 7″s better than anything else they did, but I also enjoy the LP’s too.  This one came out on East Coast Empire Records, and was pressed on blue out of 200, white out of 250, green out of 400, and a bunch on black vinyl.  I also owned a test pressing of this 7″, but I sold it without taking a picture of it.  Damn.

The layout.

Reach The Sky – “Everybody’s Hero” 7″This was a quick 7″ released by Victory Records before they did their LP’s.  The rarest version was 300 on clear vinyl, then 500 on grey vinyl, and of course regular black vinyl.  You’ll notice that I had a couple of different variants of the grey vinyl.  One is a really light grey vinyl, while the other is a dark grey/blue/charcoal color.

The layout.

Reach The Sky / With One Intent – “Split” 7″The split with “With One Intent” is a Rick Ta Life production on Back Ta Basics Records.  In true Rick Ta Life fashion, there were a bunch of limited covers, including this “Boston hardcore” cover, as well as the Government Issue rip-off cover on the right.  And like all of Rick Ta Life’s other endeavors, I’m sure these covers were made over and over, re-numbered out of 200 each time.  I wonder how many #21’s out of 200 there are out there? 😉  Unity!  I also love the text on the labels: “Reach The Sky – Boston Emo” and “With One Intent – Boston Tuffgys”.  2 questions: 1. why is “tough” always spelled “tuff” when referring to ghetto shit (“tuff” doesn’t seem very “tough” – it reminds me of “Huffy” bikes), and 2. please tell me the misspelling of “Tuffgys” was on purpose.  Or wait, does doing it on purpose make it worse?  Either way, nice misspelling.  Let’s not even get into the part about Reach The Sky being “emo”…

Here’s the back covers.  Boston Emo + “T-Guys”.  Stay True! ha. 

Just a look at a sweet Back Ta Basics catalog that came with these splits. DIY hardcore lives, apparently.  Unity!

A closer look.

Reach The Sky / Buried Alive – “Split” 7″A cool split with two sweet bands, on a sweet label – Indecision Records.  The Boston/Buffalo Express image was a pretty cool idea for the cover of this record.  400 on blue vinyl, 1,786 on black vinyl.

The layout.

Reach The Sky – “So Far From Home” LPThis is definitely the best of their 2 LP’s.  I didn’t like it quite as much as the first two 7″s, but I really do dig this LP.  I really like the color of the lime green vinyl – it matches the layout color really well.  There were 300 on this lime green color. 

500 on blue vinyl.

500 of the black vinyl came with a special numbered envelope, which had the insert inside it.  Like a letter sent back home… “So Far From Home”, get it?  Mine is #258/500.

Reach The Sky – “Friends, Lies, And The End Of The World” LPThis tan vinyl was the most limited color, out of 200.  Kind of a weird/ugly vinyl color, but it matches the lettering on the layout well, so I’ll give it a pass.

My clear vinyl copy happened to have this cool streak of white vinyl in it.  Kinda cool looking… There were 400 pressed on clear vinyl.

400 pressed on white vinyl.


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    Mister, Is it ok with you if I’m going to post one of your photos on my tumblr page?

  2. Ferny says:

    You dont happen to have anything you might want to get rid of??

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