No Warning

All of the No Warning records are sick.  Yes, that includes Suffer Survive.  That record is a banger!  Everyone was just hating on it because well… They’re haters! haha.  I still routinely listen to all of the No Warning records, on an absolute regular basis.  If you ask me, Ill Blood is quickly becoming a modern classic NYHC style hardcore record, and not only are they not from NYC, they’re not even from the United States!  They were young kids from Toronto, Canada, haha!  The song writing is fucking perfect for hard nosed hardcore, the production is so thick and heavy, and the lyrics are downright ridiculous at times – but I kinda love that about them.   No Warning was always so fucking snotty and seemed like they didn’t give a fuck about anything, haha.  I mean, who writes lyrics like “Not looking for acceptance. I don’t need your guidance.  Burning bridges behind us.  Turning on  you!”   Hahaha – “Burning bridges behind us, turning on you”.  I mean, I know the song is entitled “Leech” and I know what he’s getting at.  But I absolutely love that line and it cracks me up everytime I hear it… In a hardcore scene that is constantly preaching loyalty and respect, this dude is writing about admittedly burning bridges and turning on people.  Haha, that shit is awesome.  There were always all sorts of sketchy rumors (and realities) swirling around No Warning that made them kind of infamous.  From their sketchy white power band/demo that they made just to be jackasses, to their singer Ben Cook selling out straightedge right around the time of Posi Numbers Fest one year and puking all over everyone while he sang on stage, to their ties to random famous folks in Toronto (Ben Cook’s sister – Rachel Leigh Cook??, Sum 41 dudes??), to their Rock N Roll party vibe with their music video(s) for Suffer Survive.  Oh, and don’t forget Ben Cook having the hardest voice this side of Scott Vogel and Freddy Madball, despite being a tiny little dude and a teenage movie star in the movie “Little Women”.  Ah, all the classic stories, and they only help further cement No Warning’s infamy in this era of hardcore.

No Warning – “s/t” 7″

No Warning’s only 7″ is awesome.  It’s closer to their earlier demo tape than to their later Ill Blood.  It’s a little bit faster, guitars don’t crunch quite as much, and Ben’s voice sounds a lot younger.  This 7″ and the demo are just as good as Ill Blood, but in a totally different way, without the production and not quite as hard of an edge as Ill Blood had.  The CD version of this thing had the demo and 7″ put together, so that is perfect to throw on the ‘ol iPod when I want to listen to some early No Warning.  The first pressing came on purple vinyl, with various shades of light to dark purple, out of about 100 copies total.  The remaining 900 were black vinyl with blue labels and various covers.  There was a limited tour cover out of #/400, shown as the 2nd copy in the photo above.  There was also an Underdog rip-off cover #/150, which is not shown because I sold it to Doug Wurzer a while back.  The remaining 350 1st pressing black vinyl with blue labels had the regular cover, as shown above.  The 2nd pressing had red labels with 200 on white vinyl and 800 on black.  I also sold Doug my white vinyl copy, so only the black copy is shown above.

This is the Underdog rip-off tour cover #/150 that I sold to Doug Wurzer.  I snagged these pics off his blog We Will Bury You.

Back cover of the Underdog rip-off cover.

Numbering on the Underdog rip-off cover, #106/150.

This is the numbering on the other tour cover, the eyes over New York City cover.

This was the insert that came with the New York City tour cover #/400.

2nd pressing on white vinyl, out of 200 copies.

The inside of the fold-over cover used on both 1st and 2nd pressings.

The back of the regular cover.

No Warning – “Ill Blood” LP and “Suffer Survive” LP (yes, it exists)

What you see on the top row is a test pressing of Ill Blood on the left, and a test pressing of Suffer Survive on the right.  Yes, that’s right, I said Suffer Survive. Before I go any further I’ll explain.  Bridge 9 had the vinyl rights for No Warning’s “major label debut”, but when the record kind of fell flat on its face (by major label standards) and the band broke up, Bridge 9 scrapped the release…. But the test pressings had already been made!  So, there are literally 16 copies of the Suffer Survive LP pressed on vinyl in the entire world. This is one of them.  Ok, back to Ill Blood.  As I said at the very top of this page, the Ill Blood LP is one of the sweetest hardcore LP’s of the modern hardcore era… Seriously.  I listen to it all the time.  The first pressing of the LP was supposed to be this cool cross pattern of “blood and shit”, but the pressing plant screwed it up a little bit, and Bridge Nine Records received the first record you see on the second row.  They kept only 50 copies, dubbed it the “peanut butter and jelly” version, and sent the rest back to the pressing plant. The plant promptly re-pressed 350 on blood and shit colored vinyl.  Personally, I think the PB&J looks cooler!  But the blood and shit matches the rats and blood on the cover, so I get it.  I got my PB&J and blood and shit copy directly from Bridge 9 by pre-ordering Ill Blood when it came out.  Chris Wrenn at Bridge 9 always went way out of his way to hook me up because I’d been pre-ordering records since the early days of the Proclamation 7″, B9 straightedge t-shirts, and B9 skateboards.  He sent me the PB&J copy, as well as the rarest version of almost every single other record I ever pre-ordered from him.  Chris is a very cool dude – I’ve always appreciated him for that!   Anyway, to round out the 1,000 from the first pressing, the black vinyl is out of 600 copies.  Even black vinyl goes for quite a bit of money these days because there were really only 1,000 copies of this thing ever pressed.  Scratch that, I guess there were 1,141 pressed, because in 2009 Bridge 9 put together a series of covers called the “Bridge 9 Warehouse” editions for some left-over vinyl they found in the warehouse with no covers.  The Ill Blood warehouse edition is #/141, with some on blood/shit vinyl and some on black vinyl. I’m not sure the breakdown of each. All I know is my blood/shit is #29/141 and my black vinyl copy is #92/141.

Close-up of the “Ill Blood” test pressing.

Close-up of the “Suffer Survive” test pressing – only 16 copies of this album exist on vinyl, ever.  The record was never pressed after test pressings were made.

This is the “pre-order package”, exactly as it arrived from Bridge Nine in the early 2000’s.  There had been a ton of problems with this release (namely, the PB&J vinyl color fiasco), so people waited for months for their pre-orders while things got sorted out.  When the pre-orders finally came, there was an “apology note” included, plus a special bonus 7″ for free – the Terror “Live and Death” at the Showcase Theatre 7″!  This was the first of the beginning of the “Bridge Nine Bonus Series” of 7″s.  There were 500 of these Terror 7″s pressed, but only those 173 copies that came with No Warning pre-orders got a special “Sorry about the No Warning” stamp.  It’s interesting that there were only 173 different people that pre-ordered the No Warning LP, despite it being a hugely anticipated record back then.  This just goes to show how much hardcore has grown in the last 10 years and our expectation of a “big record” these days is much, much bigger than that. But make no mistake, this was a big, big record back then!

Here’s the note apologizing for the delays and explaining the free Terror 7″!

Stamp on b-side of Terror 7″: “Sorry the No Warning LP took so long.  Here is a gift from the B9 Crew.”

Close-up of the “Peanut Butter & Jelly” error pressing, out of only 50 copies!

Close-up of the corrected “Blood and Shit” color.

No Warning 4-sided longsleeve

Back print

My No Warning collection at its peak:

  • No Warning – s/t (PURPLE, 1st press, BLUE labels, out of 100)
  • No Warning – s/t (BLACK, 1st press, BLUE labels, Underdog rip-off cover, #/150)
  • No Warning – s/t (BLACK, 1st press, BLUE labels, Tour cover, #299/400)
  • No Warning – s/t (BLACK, 1st press, BLUE labels, regular cover, out of 350)
  • No Warning – s/t (WHITE, 2nd press, RED labels, out of 200)
  • No Warning – s/t (BLACK, 2nd press, RED labels, out of 800)
  • No Warning – Ill Blood (TEST PRESS)
  • No Warning – Ill Blood (PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY, out of 50)
  • No Warning – Ill Blood (BLOOD & SHIT, out of 350)
  • No Warning – Ill Blood (BLACK, out of 600)
  • No Warning – Ill Blood (BLOOD & SHIT, B9 Warehouse Edition, #29/141)
  • No Warning – Ill Blood (BLACK, B9 Warehouse Edition, #92/141)
  • No Warning – Suffer Surfive (TEST PRESS, out of 16, B9R-060 in matrix. Yes, B9 pressed test pressings for this album but never released it. There are only 16 copies of this album pressed on vinyl in the world.)

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  2. Jerome Doyle says:

    sell me your no warning collection (or at least a vinyl of ill blood). if interested please contact.

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