Killing The Dream

Killing The Dream – “Demo 2003” CD-RThe original KTD demo CD-R. 

Killing The Dream – “s/t” 7″Rivalry #4 was the first piece of vinyl I ever pressed on Rivalry (The Damage Done was Rivalry #3, but I actually pressed it after the KTD 7″).  Zach and I had become friends with Eli over the years of us living in Oroville/Chico, CA and going to shows at Westcoast Worldwide in Sacramento, CA.  We would always hang out at shows in Sacramento, even when we were basically 3 of the 15 total people that were there!  Eli was always super supportive of Zach’s band, Conscientious Objector, as well as almost any band that came through Sacramento.  All around, he’s basically the nicest dude ever, haha!  Eventually Eli started his own band with some of the other guys that we knew from Sacramento – Bart, Joel, and Isaac.  Later we’d also get to know Chris Chase and DJ.  I remember Eli playing the KTD demo CD-R for Zach and I in the front seat of my car while we were hanging outside a show at Westcoast Worldwide.  This was before we had ever started Rivalry Records.  Then Eli found out that he had a medical issue with his vocal chords and he had to put his band on hold.  In the meantime, Zach and I started Rivalry and released the Physical Challenge and Time For Living records.  When Eli was better and knew he could continue, we asked him if he’d like KTD to be the next band on Rivalry!

The CD itself was pretty cool, so it was worth showing here too.  Normally CD’s are pretty boring so I don’t even bother taking photos of them.  But I’ve always loved the way this clear disc turned out.

Test pressing

This is one of a kind!  It’s a result of the transition between the yellow and grey vinyl.  We only got this one yellow copy that had any dark markings at all.  This is one of my favorite Rivalry pressing variants that we ever received.

A closer look.

We had already booked and promoted the record release show, but KTD could not play due to illness.  924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, CA books up 4-5 months in advance, so there was no possibility to re-schedule for anytime soon.  Since Rivalry was such a young label, we really needed this record release show to sell some records quickly to begin recouping towards the debt incurred with pressing the records.  The band and I decided it would be best for me to go ahead and sell the record release edition at the show, despite the fact that the band could not play. (The alternative was simply selling the CD, but not the vinyl).  Zach put together this little insert that we inserted in each piece of yellow vinyl sold that night.

The yellow vinyl record release copies came in a couple of different shades: pale banana yellow or a brighter canary yellow.  There were also very few copies that were somewhat transparent yellow with white swirls (top).

Another view of the yellows, this time the transparent yellow with white swirl is on the left.

Holding up to the light gives the best view of the difference.  The super limited transparent yellow with white swirls is definitely the coolest looking.

We ordered grey vinyl, but almost all of them showed up as black vinyl.  They mix black and white vinyl to make grey, but we only got a few that looked like the grey marble on the left.

About half of the clear vinyl pressing were regular clear vinyl (right), the other half showed up as “coke bottle clear”, which has a little green tint (left).

I asked Chris Canon to do the KTD layout, the same guy that did the Modern Life Is War “My Love. My Way.” layout.  We really liked the feel of the old Americana antique look used in the MLIW layout, so we asked Chris to do something similar for the KTD 7″.  With the band’s name being “Killing The Dream”, I thought that kind of “American dream” imagery was appropriate.

I was short on budget to actually make posters, so I ran off some one-sided copies of the 7″ cover that were not folded.  We used them as 7×14″ “promo posters”.  They’re pretty small to be posters, but they came in handy to mail to promoters who were booking KTD shows to use as promos/fliers.

This is one of the earliest Killing The Dream shirts.

The back of the shirt is meant to look like a little league t-shirt with a local sponsor. The guys in KTD told me that “cuisine” is spelled incorrectly on purpose (“cuisnie”) because Chang’s, the local Mongolian joint that they used to frequent in Sacramento, had it spelled wrong on their own menu! hahahaha.

Here’s the first hoodie that Rivalry ever printed. Zach had recently made this KTD Logo for the test pressing cover, so he used it for the hoodie too. The “Rival Records” hood print was pretty dope.

Killing The Dream – “I Rewrote It” 7″Shortly after we released the KTD 7″, Tre at Deathwish came calling.  We obviously wished KTD the best, since Deathwish could do a hundred times more for the band than we could.  Within a few months, Deathwish released the “I Rewrote It” EP.  One day I was pleasantly surprised to find a package in my mailbox from Deathwish with this test pressing in it.  Thanks Tre!

Clear vinyl

Gold vinyl

Here’s the red vinyl, along with a view of the full layout, which is printed on translucent acetate paper.

Killing The Dream – “In Place Apart” LPAfter they signed to Deathwish, Inc., KTD arranged for Rivalry to license their LP on vinyl, while Deathwish would release the CD.  It was cool to be able to work with Deathwish, and Tre and I have been friends ever since.  I really dig the pink/black swirl color.  You rarely see this color combo together, but I think it turned out awesome.

Test pressing

Apparently KTD was big on little record release inserts.  Here’s another one!

Layout by Jacob Bannon (Converge, Deathwish Inc.).

Killing The Dream – “Fractures” LPThe “Fractures” LP was released by Deathwish, Inc.  Tre sent me this test pressing, along with a super rare copy on black vinyl with regular labels, out of only 15 copies.

Black vinyl, out of only 15 copies!

Blue vinyl

Splatter vinyl

Here’s a cool tri-color vinyl.

The outside of the gatefold layout.  I think it’s kind of cool how the KTD LP layouts seem to follow a theme, featuring the same character of sorts.  Notice the circular thing around the face?  Almost the same as the “In Place Apart” LP.

The inside of the layout.

Killing The Dream @ Rivalry Showcase 2008

Killing The Dream @ Rivalry Showcase 2008. Click above to watch, or watch on Vimeo for a larger version.

My Killing The Dream collection, at its peak…

  • Killing The Dream – “Demo 2003” CD-R
  • Killing The Dream – s/t (TEST PRESS, #1/20)
  • Killing The Dream – s/t (YELLOW/BLACK swirl, 1 of a kind)
  • Killing The Dream – s/t (YELLOW/WHITE swirl, out of 6, #/100, record release insert)
  • Killing The Dream – s/t (LIGHT YELLOW, out of 20, #/100, record release insert)
  • Killing The Dream – s/t (SOLID YELLOW, out of 73, #/100, record release insert)
  • Killing The Dream – s/t (GREY SWIRL, out of 6)
  • Killing The Dream – s/t (GREY/BLACK, out of 294, a lot of these look like plain black)
  • Killing The Dream – s/t (BLACK, out of 294, a lot of these look like plain black)
  • Killing The Dream – s/t (CLEAR, both clears combined out of 600)
  • Killing The Dream – s/t (COKE BOTTLE CLEAR, both clears combined out of 600)
  • Killing The Dream – I Rewrote It (TEST PRESS, out of 20)
  • Killing The Dream – I Rewrote It (CLEAR)
  • Killing The Dream – I Rewrote It (GOLD)
  • Killing The Dream – I Rewrote It (RED)
  • Killing The Dream – In Place Apart (TEST PRESS, #1/20)
  • Killing The Dream – In Place Apart (RED/WHITE SPLIT, w/Rec Release insert #/132)
  • Killing The Dream – In Place Apart (PINK/BLACK SWIRL, out of 235)
  • Killing The Dream – In Place Apart (WHITE, out of 870)
  • Killing The Dream – Fractures (TEST PRESS, out of 20)
  • Killing The Dream – Fractures (BLACK, out of 15)
  • Killing The Dream – Fractures (WHITE/BLACK/BLUE, out of 300)
  • Killing The Dream – Fractures (WHITE w/BLUE SPLATTER)
  • Killing The Dream – Fractures (SOLID BLUE)

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