Get Up Kids

I always really liked The Get Up Kids.  I wasn’t hugely into the indie/pop-punk/”emo” (I know, we all hate it when people call it that) in the mid-to-late 90’s, but I did like the records released by The Get Up Kids, Texas Is The Reason, and some of the Boy Sets Fire stuff (BSF is quite a bit different than those other 2 bands though).  I also liked the Saves The Day stuff later in the 2000’s era. I could never get into some of the other bands like Braid, The Promise Ring, Jets To Brazil, etc.  I’m sure The Get Up Kids are just as cheesy as all the rest, singing about teenage heartbreak type shit.  But it’s a lot more catchy, especially the “Something To Write Home About” LP, which is my favorite thing that they released.  It’s totally poppy, totally rockin, and I still listen to it a lot.  Call me a wiener, I don’t mind, haha.

The Get Up Kids – “Four Minute Mile” LPThis was the first GUK record that I heard. They had released some 7″ stuff prior to this LP, but this was the record that got most people talking about The Get Up Kids. People still swear by this album, saying that it’s their best stuff. When I listen to it now, it seems a little too brooding and angst-y. I still kinda like it, but I don’t get very far into it anymore. I usually switch over to “Something To Write Home About” or “Red Letter Day” pretty quickly. Over the years, Doghouse Records pressed this on several different colors. I always heard that each color is out of 500 copies, but I’m not sure if that was true. I believe blue vinyl was the original color pressed. It has a lot of black swirl and looks pretty cool.

Back cover

The photo of indie kids running track and smoking cigarettes always kind of cracked me up. It reminds me of punk/goth type kids in my high school P.E. class just hating life, haha.

Here’s a funny little GUK holiday card. Notice the “Happy Holidays” written on the cardboard that he is holding up.

An original test pressing, out of only 8 copies, I believe.

Red vinyl

Gold vinyl

Black vinyl. I also had a clear vinyl copy, but I must have sold it before I could take photos.

The Get Up Kids – “Red Letter Day” 10″This EP fucking rules, and it’s totally under-rated. It’s got a lot of keyboard action happening, and it really adds a lot of life to their sound. I still rock this thing. I believe green vinyl was out of 500. I definitely had a copy on clear vinyl (out of 500) and regular black vinyl too, but I must have sold them before taking photos.

Back cover. Apparently mine didn’t have an insert.

Test pressing!

The Get Up Kids – “Something To Write Home About” LPLike I said at the beginning, this is by far my favorite GUK record. I still listen to it all the time. It’s just a great poppy, rockin record! I think the color pressings were all out of 500, but again, I’m not sure. I had blue, red, and gold, but I already sold the red and gold copies before taking photos.

Sweet gatefold layout with cool illustration.

How cute. Two robots in love. I like it. This is a cool layout because it totally fits the dorky/cheesy vibe of the band.

This is one of the rarest pieces of Get Up Kids vinyl! The album was never actually pressed on clear vinyl. These clear vinyl copies are the result of running clear vinyl through the machines to clear out the remnants of each color vinyl before moving on to the next color, i.e. blue->clear->red. There are less than 10 of these in existence, maybe even less! I’ve actually never seen another copy for sale.

Black vinyl

Get Up Kids – “s/t” 7″The very first Get Up Kids 7″ is also known as the “Huey Proudhone” 7″ because it was released on Huey Proudhone Records. I think these were a pretty limited run, but I’m not sure how many pressed. Maybe only 500 or 1,000??

The back

Insert. Mid 90’s. Midwest. Indie Rock. Dorks.

The Get Up Kids – “A Newfound Interest In Massachusetts” 7″Also known as the “Loveteller” 7″ because of the carnival game shown on the front cover. This was released by Al Barkley on Contrast Records. I don’t know the pressing for blue and black vinyl.

Back cover

Black vinyl

The final pressing was on orange vinyl with special hand-made layout, out of 200 copies. The cover has an actual photograph glued to the front. More info below on the hand-made layout – very cool.

The back side is hand numbered, mine is #188/200.

This note was included with the orange vinyl copies and explains that Al Barkley bought this hand-made paper on a trip to Nepal, where he saw that this was one of the only industries that local women were involved in. Al seems like a cool fucking dude, man. This level of purpose and attention to detail is what makes punk special to me. I used to read his blog about his travels and motor cycle trips all the time. He also released the first Verse 7″ on Contrast. I need to meet him one of these days since we have a lot of the same friends!

The Get Up Kids – “Woodson” 7″I think the “Woodson” EP was originally released on vinyl by Contrast Records, but this blue vinyl pressing was released by Doghouse Records. I know Doghouse did release the CD version originally, so they must have decided to repress the vinyl when it went out of press on Contrast. I don’t think I ever owned a copy of the original 7″ on Contrast.

Back cover

Black vinyl on Doghouse Records.

The Get Up Kids – “10 Minutes” 7″Also known as the “Subpop 7″”, since it was released as part of the Subpop Records “Singles Club”. Clear vinyl was limited to 100 copies, so this was a pretty highly sought after record in the late 90’s. I actually used to own a test pressing too, out of 8 copies!! But I sold it a while back before I took photos, damn!

Full layout

A postcard to join the Subpop Singles Club is attached to the layout.

Black vinyl itself was pretty rare, out of only 1,200 copies.

The Get Up Kids / Coalesce – “Split” 7″This was an interesting split where each band covered one of the other band’s songs. Kind of a cool idea since GUK is so mellow and Coalesce is super heavy. There were a ton of colors pressed for this 7″. In the late 90’s, you could always pick out the craziest collectors by checking their trade list to see if they were actively trying to “complete” this 7″ collection. Many of the colors were runs of 50-200, so finding all of them took forever. I remember there being some cool stuff like flourescent colors, etc. I never got into all that, so I just had this one basic black vinyl copy.

The layout is kind of gnarly. It reminds me of a movie like Se7en or Saw or something, haha.


The Get Up Kids / Braid – “Post Marked Stamps No. 4″ Split 7”The split with Braid was the 4th volume in a split 7″ series called “Post Marked Stamps” that paired up indie bands with imagery of post cards, goodbye letters, etc. Total wiener stuff, but cool idea, haha.

Close-up of the post marked stamp on the front.

Back cover

Close-up of back cover with another stamp which seals the envelope closed.

Post card inserts. The one with the airplane has a short piece on the reverse side by Vique Martin of Revelation Records and Simba Fanzine/Records fame. It’s an “airport goodbye” from the perspective of the inner thoughts of a girl who just isn’t into the guy, but she knows that he’s pretty hung up on her.

The Get Up Kids / Rocket From The Crypt – “Split” 7″This split looks super clean, with nice embossed/raised logos on the cover. The insert is printed on semi-transparent vellum paper. There were a bunch of colors pressed, so I’m not sure of the pressing info.

The Rocket From The Crypt side.

A close-up of the embossed cover.

The orange vinyl looks really nice with the white “designy” layout.

The Get Up Kids – later stuff…

There was also a GUK split 7″ with The Anniversary, but I never picked it up. I kind of lost track of The Get Up Kids after a certain point. I’ve since gone back and downloaded their later full length albums like “Guilt Show” and “On A Wire”, but I never collected them on vinyl or anything. There was also a “Eudora” release that featured b-sides and songs from their splits, etc. I’m not sure if they pressed it on vinyl. Recently The Get Up Kids have gotten back together and released some new records…

The Get Up Kids – “Simple Science” 12″ EPThis was a new 12″ EP released after GUK re-united. I checked it out, but just wasn’t really into it. I haven’t heard the newest full length, “There Are Rules”, so maybe I’ll check that out sometime.

The reverse side of the black vinyl is numbered #241/2000. I think there were colored vinyl pressings too.

My Get Up Kids collection, at its peak…

  • the Get Up Kids – s/t (BLACK, first 7″ on Huey Proudhone Sound, white labels w/”The Get Up Kids” stamp)
  • the Get Up Kids – Woodson (BLUE)
  • the Get Up Kids – Woodson (BLACK, 4 minute mile postcard included -no insert)
  • the Get Up Kids – Loveteller (BLUE)
  • the Get Up Kids – Loveteller (BLACK)
  • the Get Up Kids – Loveteller (ORANGE MARBLE, final press w/hand-made cover, #188/200)
  • the Get Up Kids – sub pop 7″ (TEST PRESS, out of 8)
  • the Get Up Kids – sub pop 7″ (CLEAR, out of 100)
  • the Get Up Kids – sub pop 7″ (BLACK, out of 1200)
  • the Get Up Kids / Braid – Postmarked Stamps Volume #4 (BLACK)
  • the Get Up Kids / Coalesce – Split (BLACK)
  • the Get Up Kids / Rocket From The Crypt – Split (ORANGE, out of 500)
  • the Get Up Kids / Rocket From The Crypt – Split (WHITE, out of 500)
  • the Get Up Kids – Red Letter Day (TEST PRESS)
  • the Get Up Kids – Red Letter Day (GREEN, out of 500)
  • the Get Up Kids – Red Letter Day (CLEAR, out of 500)
  • the Get Up Kids – Red Letter Day (BLACK)
  • the Get Up Kids – Four Minute Mile (TEST PRESS, 1st press)
  • the Get Up Kids – Four Minute Mile (CLEAR)
  • the Get Up Kids – Four Minute Mile (BLUE, out of 500)
  • the Get Up Kids – Four Minute Mile (RED, out of 500)
  • the Get Up Kids – Four Minute Mile (GOLD, out of 500)
  • the Get Up Kids – Four Minute Mile (BLACK)
  • the Get Up Kids – Something To Write Home About (CLEAR, plant error – less than 10 exist)
  • the Get Up Kids – Something To Write Home About (GOLD, out of 500)
  • the Get Up Kids – Something To Write Home About (RED, out of 500)
  • the Get Up Kids – Something To Write Home About (BLUE, out of 500)
  • the Get Up Kids – Something To Write Home About (BLACK, original press)
  • the Get Up Kids – Simple Science (BLACK, #241/2000)

4 Responses to Get Up Kids

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  2. jassiet says:

    I love GUK – I guess that makes me a “wiener” too! I’ve never seen their split with Rocket From The Crypt before, it’s neat! Thanks for posting.

  3. stew says:

    are you by chance trying to sell any of these?

  4. Clayton says:

    Stwha on clear is the last I need for a complete GUK variant collection. If you’d sell it I’d pay you very well.

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