Floorpunch – “Division One Champs” 7″

Floorpunch on gold has kind of become the “Chung King of the late 90’s youth crew revival” records.  It’s steadily increased in value over the years, while most other records have kind of fallen off. There are only 88 copies on gold vinyl. Mine is #65/88.  I believe the pressing info goes like this: 1st press = 88 on gold vinyl, 900 black vinyl.  2nd press = 200 red vinyl, 800 blue.  3rd press = #/300 on black with blank labels and Judge rip-off cover for Euro Tour.  4th press = 75 on black with Judge rip-off labels #/75 for DC/NJ shows, 925 on black with green lettering covers.  Final/Farewell press = 100 on white vinyl with blank labels and Judge rip-off cover.  FP on gold was a record that always eluded me, so I haven’t owned this for very long. I got it off of Dave Byrd in 2007, vocalist of Striking Distance and Set To Explode.  He got it directly from In My Blood Records in 1996, so I am only the 2nd owner of this copy.  I got almost all of the other FP 7″s in one deal with Geoff Greene back in 2000. Geoff was this kid from NJ that I’d kind of met on the Rev board, and then we started keeping in touch on AIM. He would pick up new records for me when bands played NJ, and I would do the same for him in CA.  We helped each other out getting newer tour releases and stuff like that.  One day we worked out some big trade for a bunch of records, and I got a FP 7″ on white /100, Euro Tour 7″ #/300, DC/NJ pressing #/75, the red vinyl copy out of 200, and I also got the FP LP on white vinyl /98.  Interesting to note that FP on gold actually isn’t the rarest version of this record – the DC/NJ show pressing #/75 is more rare.  It just goes to show you that a lot more goes into a particular record’s value than rarity, even when the two records have the same music on them.  I folded out the 3 photo copy covers because the front of them is exactly the same and I wanted to show the differences. They are all Judge NY Crew rip-off covers, with Floorpunch and the hammers on the front.  The first has the DC/NJ show stamp #/75 in red, but regular labels on the vinyl. The other 925 copies of this vinyl pressing make up the green lettering cover.  The next has a Euro Tour stamp #/300 in blue on the inside. The black vinyl has blank white labels with an In My Blood sticker glued to them.  The last photo copy cover is the “Farewell press” and has a “1995-1999” stamp in green on the inside.  These come with white vinyl with blank labels, out of 100 copies.  The original photo I posted on here was blurry, so I’ve re-snapped the photo.  But I had already sold the DC/NJ #/75 copy to my record trading buddy Doug Wurzer, so the DC/NJ 7″ is missing from the main photo at the very top.  But, I snagged a photo of the record off Doug’s blog to display with the other Judge rip-off covers.  This is the exact copy I used to own: #3/75, a cool low number!

Floorpunch – the LP’s…

What you see in the first row is the only real LP that Floorpunch ever did – Fast Times At The Jersey Shore.  There are 98 copies on white vinyl, 300 on green vinyl, and there were several pressings on black vinyl.  The “Twin Killing” LP on the second row is the demo and 7″ recordings combined on a 12″ format.  There are 300 on clear and several pressings on black.  I actually used to own a test pressing of the Twin Killing LP, but I sold it to Dobek Ohashi from Japan last year.  The third row is a “discography” double 12″ that was released on Six Feet Under Records in 2010.   I’m not a big fan of the new colored vinyl style used on the discography… “Tiger stripe” and a sparkly “vegas gold” vinyl. I wish they had stuck with transparent colors like all the other FP vinyl.  There was also a blue vinyl pressing out of 95, and a European Tour pressing that had a limited cover.  I never owned either of these, I just wasn’t as into collecting the discography LP.

The “Fast Times” LP on white vinyl is limited to 98, and I got it in the same deal with Geoff Greene mentioned above in the 7″ write-up.  I always thought it was really weird that the FP LP on white /98 wasn’t as hugely valuable as the FP 7″ on gold /88.  People really do love the LP too, but the 7″ itself just has this lore about it I guess.

Test pressing of the “Twin Killing” LP that I sold to Dobek Ohashi last year.  I think there are only 8 copies of this.

The inside of the Discography gatefold cover.

V/A – “Growing Stronger” Compilation 7″

The “Growing Stronger” comp was basically the “Together comp of the late 90’s” for the Tri-State Area of PA/NJ/NY.  It was released in 1997 by Teamwork Records and featured Floorpunch, Ensign, Rain On The Parade, 97a, Pushed Too Far, and Atari.  I know more than one person who this comp affected kind of like a “gateway drug” into straightedge hardcore, haha.  They somehow got their hands on it, and all of a sudden their eyes were opened to a whole slew of bands playing fast positive hardcore.  Each 7″ came with a big fold out poster – the one depicted above features Floorpunch as the live photo.   Another one of my copies has a Rain On The Parade poster.  At one point I actually owned a test pressing of the Growing Stronger 7″, but I sold it last summer.  I got such a sweet score on it!!  I was lurking around eBay with a search of “test pressing”, and about 50 test pressings came up that all basically had the same description – “Unknown test pressing XX-XXX (catalog number)….”.  I guess a pressing plant had gone out of business, and someone had gone through and listed all the old reference copies (test pressings) that the plant had kept around forever.  Most people don’t know this, but even if a record label says there are 8 test pressings, there is most likely at least 9, because most pressing plants will always keep one test pressing on file at the plant, referred to as a “reference copy”.  But whoever was listing them didn’t know much about these test pressings other than catalog numbers.  So anyway, I scanned down the list and one caught my eye – it simply said something like “Unknown punk test pressing T-4”.  I obviously couldn’t have known that “T” must stand for Teamwork Records, but I clicked on it and was able to identify the test pressing as a Growing Stronger comp test pressing due to the other matrix etchings that were listed in the auction description. I scored that test pressing for like $8!!  What a score!  So despite most Growing Stronger tests coming with a cover and a numbered dust sleeve out of 7, there is definitely an 8th copy, and I used to own it.  In a related story, I picked up a Carry On – “Roll With The Punches” on Teamwork Records basically the exact same way, from that same eBay seller. It was always thought that there were only 7 of those, all with “Fuck California” covers, but I owned an 8th copy that did not have the Fuck Cali cover.  Anyway, the first pressing of the Growing Stronger comp came with red lettering and had a bunch of versions with hand numbered dust sleeves – red vinyl #/57, clear vinyl #/150, and black vinyl #/300 (or maybe 350?).  My black vinyl copy is not numbered, so maybe the remainder of the 1,000 pressed didn’t have numbers? I can’t remember the deal.  The next pressing had blue lettering – white vinyl out of 200, and blue vinyl out of 300. There was probably black vinyl too but looks like I didn’t have one of those.  The 3rd pressing has yellow lettering with black vinyl.  I actually didn’t own a copy with yellow lettering, but when I was in the living room putting this picture together, my roommate Aaron Menesez came out and said I couldn’t do the pic without a yellow lettering copy!  So he donated his copy for the pic!  Aaron is the most 1997-2003 straight edge hardcore dude I know, and he’s not even straightedge! haha.   This dude knows the lyrics to like every single 7″ of that era, from the obvious Floorpunch and Ten Yard fight, to Rancor and Atari, to obscure shit like the Set Straight 7″ on Looking Back Records in Ohio (Jeff Hess, whattup!).  And he still loves all of this shit to this day – he gets so pumped any time one of us puts on one of that era’s hardcore records, no matter how big or small the band was.  I think that fucking rules.

Red vinyl, #53/57!

At the top is the big fold-out poster that came with some copies of the Growing Stronger comp. This one features Floorpunch as the band in the photo.  On the bottom is the insert that was included with all pressings of this 7″.

V/A – “The Time Is Now” Compilation 7″

“The Time Is Now” compilation is another classic 1997 compilation representing the new generation of straightedge hardcore that was surfacing.  It came with Tension Building Fanzine and featured Floorpunch, Ten Yard Fight, Rancor, Rain On The Parade, and Hands Tied.

A description of why Tension Building fanzine and The Time Is Now compilation was done.  The feeling described here is what made a group of kids and bands in the tri-state area of PA/NY/NJ turn things around in 1997 and make hardcore what they wanted it to be – positive, fast, straight edge hardcore.  They were sick of the way things were, so they got together and changed it.  That kind of spirit is what has kept hardcore alive for over 30 years and has enabled it to continue re-inventing itself to be exactly what the youth wants it to be in a particular locale at a particular time.  DIY!

V/A – “For The Sake Of Dedication” LP Compilation“For The Sake Of Dedication” LP compilation, released by Crucial Response Records in the late 90′s, featuring the best of European hardcore of the time (along with Ten Yard Fight and Floorpunch).  On a related note, Go It Alone liked this compilation so much, they designed their “Histories” album layout in homage to this release.  You can see pics in the Go It Alone blog entry.

The back of the layout and booklet insert.

Floorpunch page of the booklet.

Ten Yard Fight page of the booklet.

Peter Hoeren ran Crucial Response Records.  Printed within the booklet is this explanation for the comp and what the resurgence of hardcore in 1997 meant to him.

My Floorpunch collection, at its peak:

  • Floorpunch – Division One Champs (GOLD, 1st press, #68/88)
  • Floorpunch – Division One Champs (RED MARBLE, 2nd press, out of 200)
  • Floorpunch – Division One Champs (BLUE, 2nd press, out of 800)
  • Floorpunch – Division One Champs (BLACK, 3rd press Green Lettering, out of 1000)
  • Floorpunch – Division One Champs (WHITE, Farewell 1995-1999 press, #82/100)
  • Floorpunch – Division One Champs (BLACK, DC/NJ Pressing January 16,17 1999, #3/75)
  • Floorpunch – Division One Champs (BLACK, Euro tour NEW JERSEY CREW cover, # 255/300)
  • Floorpunch – Twin Killing (TEST PRESS, out of 8 )
  • Floorpunch – Twin Killing (CLEAR, out of 300)
  • Floorpunch – Twin Killing (BLACK)
  • Floorpunch – Fast Times At The Jersey Shore (WHITE, out of 98)
  • Floorpunch – Fast Times At The Jersey Shore (GREEN, out of 300)
  • Floorpunch – Fast Times At The Jersey Shore (BLACK)
  • Floorpunch – New Jersey 2xLP (ORANGE w/BLACK SPLATTER, out of 303)
  • Floorpunch – New Jersey 2xLP (METALLIC GOLD, out of 600)
  • Floorpunch – New Jersey 2xLP (CLEAR, out of 1000)
  • V/A – Growing Stronger Comp (TEST PRESS)
  • V/A – Growing Stronger Comp (RED, #53/57, RED lettering, w/Ensign, Atari, ROTP, FP, etc)
  • V/A – Growing Stronger Comp (CLEAR, #136/150, RED lettering, w/Ensign, Atari, ROTP, FP, etc)
  • V/A – Growing Stronger Comp (BLACK, RED lettering, w/Ensign, Atari, ROTP, FP, etc)
  • V/A – Growing Stronger Comp (BLUE, #55/300, BLUE lettering, w/Ensign, Atari, ROTP, FP, etc)
  • V/A – Growing Stronger Comp (WHITE, out of 200, BLUE lettering, w/Ensign, Atari, ROTP, FP, etc)
  • V/A – The Time Is Now (BLACK)
  • V/A – For The Sake Of Dedication (BLACK, Floorpunch, TYF, and many Euro bands from 1997)

6 Responses to Floorpunch

  1. Dobek Ohashi says:

    Not many people know that out of the 75 copies from that pressing 5 had the FP mosher silkscreened on the inside of the cover:

    Also, the 2nd pressing on red had 2 copies extra that had handwritten labels and were numbered out of 2. One is still with Bill the other one was Porter’s:

    More scans here:

  2. Anonymous says:

    the New Jerseyx12″ was also pressed on blue vinyl, limited ti 95.

  3. Dobek Ohashi says:

    Also worth mention is the fact that the gold vinyl is out of 90 not 88.
    Porter has 2 UN-numbered copies.

  4. dan christie says:

    Wow, wh,at a waste of time/life. Like I should talk, but who gives a shit about floorpunxh presses. Why did i even waste 10 minutes of my life looking at this ahit

  5. Rebecca says:

    I thought it was ok deffinately different from what I’m used to.

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