Fastbreak was another New England band from the late nineties era of Ten Yard Fight, In My Eyes, Bane, and Reach The Sky.  They are probably the “lesser” of all those bands, but I definitely listened to Fastbreak a lot back then and had some good times with their stuff.

Fastbreak – the 7″‘s…

The first two records shown in the photo are the “Where It Lies” 7″.  This was a really limited release of 250 copies total on Jesse Standhard’s label (eventual vocalist of Right Brigade and bassist in early-ish American Nightmare), “Standhard Records”.  There is a photo below of an insert explaining why they made the “Where It Lies” 7″.  The first copy is the record release cover, #8/23.  These used to be such a bitch to get someone to trade you back in the late 90’s! haha.  The next copy has the regular cover and is #24/250.  Most of the rest of the 7″s pictured are the Don’t Stop Trying 7″ on Third Party Records.  With each pressing, the cover kept changing, but they stayed with the same color vinyl vs. black vinyl formula.  1st pressing has red lettering on the cover and is 100 blue vinyl, 900 black vinyl.  My 1st pressing copy also has an original Fastbreak sticker, but it’s hard to see in the photo.  2nd pressing has the same cover art, but with green lettering and 100 gold, 900 black.  3rd pressing has a different cover altogether with blue lettering and 100 on red vinyl, 900 on black.  The 4th pressing kept the same cover with 100 on clear vinyl. There were also 900 on black vinyl, but I don’t think I ever picked up a copy.  Third Party Records also did a repress sometime in the 2000’s era on solid yellow vinyl, and I think they returned to the 2nd pressing green lettering cover?  I can’t remember exactly because I never picked one up.  There were also another set of test pressings made for that repress, so those are floating around out there.  I owned an original 1st pressing test pressing that I sold a while back. A photo is included below.  The final 7″ shown in the bottom right hand corner was the split 7″ with Ten Yard Fight. This one is red vinyl, numbered out of 500. There were tons of pressings of this thing that I used to own – blue vinyl regular cover, blue vinyl hardcore cover, green vinyl, clear vinyl, red vinyl with no number, euro tour cover, etc.  I sold them all a while back.

Original first pressing test pressing, #5/55.  Since there were so many, my guess is that these were used as a pre-press or tour press or something, but I don’t remember all the details.

The back cover of the “Don’t Stop Trying” 7″ has a great drawing of a hoodie guy with a basketball.  Anyone who knows me is gonna know that I’m all over this – basketball is my jam.  It also comes with this big fold-out poster insert, and my first pressing copy has an original Fastbreak paper sticker.

The top left corner is the back-cover of the Record Release version of the Where It Lies, mine is #8/23.  These also came with a regular cover, which was already hand-numbered out of 250, so that’s why the top right shows the cover #25/250.  The bottom left is an insert explaining why they made these 7″s.  The vinyl dust sleeve also has a #25 in red ink.

Close-up of the back of the record release cover, #8/23.

This insert explains why they made the “Where It Lies” 7″.  If I were releasing these comps, I would have been kinda pissed off that the songs were getting released on the band’s own 7″! haha.  People tend to only buy comps if it’s new material.  Who knows, maybe the comps were taking forever and the band got sick of waiting, I’m not sure.

I showed the back of these because it’s kinda neat how I happened to get sequential #24 and #25, despite getting these from completely different people, over 5 years apart!  I got my regular copy of “Where It Lies” #24/250 way back in 2000 or 2001.  Then I recently picked up the record release copy #8/23 in 2007, which has the regular cover on the inside #25/250.  Kinda cool.

I dug up a few photos that I used for eBay. Here’s the “Hardcore Cover” for the split, out of 500.

Some of the blue vinyl copies came with a regular cover.

Fastbreak – the LP’s…

The first Fastbreak LP was the “Fast Cars, Fast Women” LP on Underestimated Records out of Chicago.  There were only 100 on that sweet blue/orange swirl, 300 on blue, 600 on black. Later there was a repress of 300 more on black with blue labels, but that is not pictured here.  I owned a test pressing of this LP as well, which is pictured below.  The layout of this record is awesome, with really vibrant photos of an orange Nova on the front, and some other classic blue car on the back.  I remember having a poster for this release that I had hanging on my bedroom wall for years.  It had both car photos on it, and looked really clean and slick.  I had a particular attachment to Nova’s because my grandma had an old blue Nova that she drove for literally 20 years, from about 1970 to 1992 or so.  She sold it for $500 and the guy got it running again – crazy!  My mom was so pissed when she sold that car for so cheap – she wanted me to have it!  I remember searching endlessly for someone who would trade me that blue/orange swirl.  Since there were only 100 copies of it, it was kind of hard to track down.  And I especially wanted a copy because I’d never had a “swirl” piece of vinyl like that before – it looked so fucking cool!  I’d never even seen another piece of swirl vinyl before.  That is because most hardcore labels pressed vinyl at United Record Pressing or Rainbo Records because their prices were the most reasonable, and neither of those plants were set up yet to do this sort of mixed/swirl vinyl.  But this LP was pressed at Erika Records, and they were the only pressing plant offering the swirl vinyl option.  Now days there’s every kind of mixed vinyl under the sun, but man, back then this thing was unique.  I was pumped and felt like I had to own one!  I remember finally scoring one when someone was doing a manual “auction” on the Rev (message)board.  Back then auctions were done via posts on a messageboard, not on eBay.  An end date would be established, you could email in your offers, and the highest offer with your initials would be posted next to the items once per day.  On the final day, the highest bid would win!  I got a bunch of great records this way in the late 90’s. 

The second row is the second Fastbreak LP, “Whenever You’re Ready” on Revelation Records.  There were 226 on yellow vinyl, and a bunch on black.  Everyone talked a ton of shit about this LP when it came out. It has this song “Music Is My Girlfriend”, it’s got a bubble-gum-boy-band type layout, and the dudes in the band started wearing tight black v-neck t-shirts, designer jeans, and touring with Saves The Day. Everyone gave them a hard time.  Fuck it, I went and saw them on that Saves The Day tour and I had a good time.  Despite this LP being poppy and a bit of a change in direction from their earlier stuff, I like it and I’m fine with it. haha.  The other bit of controversy about this record is that they broke up shortly after releasing it, but they had signed a two record deal with Revelation.  This issue reared its ugly head a couple years later when Pat (vocalist of Fastbreak) was playing guitar in Right Brigade, and Revelation claimed Right Brigade owed them a record since the Fastbreak contract stipulated that members’ future bands would owe towards the contract if Fastbreak did not fulfill both record deals.  Right Brigade was already having band member problems internally, and there were all sorts of crazy rumors about the Right Brigade LP having all those crazy samples on it, and how the samples were added in late night recording sessions without Jesse Standard (vocalist) knowing about it until it was released.  Then the rumor was that Right Brigade was purposely making the record “crappy” to “screw over Revelation”. Then the rumor was that the band had broken up, but they were “forced into” recording an LP they didn’t even want to record… haha. All sorts of rumors like that.  Bottom line is the band was on its last legs, and if an LP was going to come out, it was going to come out on Revelation due to Fastbreak contract issues.  Who knows how it all actually played out.  Despite all the controversy, I think the record is pretty cool, and I’ll throw it on every once in a while.

Original test pressing of the Fast Cars, Fast Women LP.  Note the Erika Records labels, which allowed for that sweet blue/orange swirl because they were the only pressing plant in the U.S. that had that technology available at the time!

Here’s a photo showing the back-cover of the Fast Cars LP with the other classic blue car.  It also gave me the chance to get a close up of the blue/orange swirl copy – I still love this thing!

Here’s that promo poster I mentioned that has both the front and back cover art with both car photos.  It says Big Wheel Recreation on the poster because Big Wheel released the CD, while Underestimated Records released the vinyl.

The top row is a live recording from Belgium on 11/27/1999, released by Hold Back Records in Europe. Mine is #65/50. Who knows.  Hand numbered cassette tapes of live recordings have probably jumped the shark, ya know? haha.  The bottom row is the original “Youth Pride” demo tape.  It was actually professionally duplicated and has the band info and song titles printed on the tape.

V/A – “Supersoul: The Rebirth of Hardcore 1999” LP CompIn 1999, Ray Cappo (Youth Of Today vocalist) released “Supersoul: The Rebirth Of Hardcore 1999” LP Compilation. The comp featured songs from Saves The Day, Fastbreak, In My Eyes, Ten Yard Fight, Rain On The Parade, Atari, Better Than One Thousand, and a bunch of others. I believe this was the first appearance of the new In My Eyes song, “Welcome To Boston”, and my friends and I were all stoked on it. This particular copy happens to be the “band member pressing” on gold vinyl, out of only 50 copies with blank labels.

Here’s the reverse side of the huge fold out poster on the Supersoul comp.

Cornerstone – “Beating The Masses” LPBefore Connecticut had Fastbreak, there was Cornerstone. Connecticut Crucial Kickbox! haha. This yellow/tan vinyl was out of 300 copies.

The outside of the gatefold layout.

Inside layout

Follow Through – “Taking It Back” LPAnother band from Connecticut during the mid to late 90’s. I believe there are 394 on blue vinyl.

X-Swatch on the b-side label!

My Fastbreak collection, at its peak:

  • Fastbreak – Where It Lies (BLACK, Record Release cover, #8/23)
  • Fastbreak – Where It Lies (BLACK, #24/250)
  • Fastbreak – Don’t Stop Trying (TEST PRESS, #5/55)
  • Fastbreak – Don’t Stop Trying (BLUE, 1st press, RED lettering, out of 100)
  • Fastbreak – Don’t Stop Trying (BLACK, 1st press, RED lettering, out of 900)
  • Fastbreak – Don’t Stop Trying (GOLD, 2nd press, GREEN lettering, out of 100)
  • Fastbreak – Don’t Stop Trying (BLACK, 2nd press, GREEN lettering, out of 900)
  • Fastbreak – Don’t Stop Trying (RED, 3rd press, BLUE lettering on BLACK cover, out of 100)
  • Fastbreak – Don’t Stop Trying (BLACK, 3rd press, BLUE lettering on BLACK cover, out of 900)
  • Fastbreak – Don’t Stop Trying (CLEAR, 4th press, BLUE lettering on BLACK cover, out of 100)
  • Fastbreak / Ten Yard Fight – Split (GREEN, Euro Tour cover, #178/200)
  • Fastbreak / Ten Yard Fight – Split (BLUE, Hardcore cover, out of 500)
  • Fastbreak / Ten Yard Fight – Split (BLUE, regular cover, out of 500)
  • Fastbreak / Ten Yard Fight – Split (RED, #/500)
  • Fastbreak / Ten Yard Fight – Split (GREEN)
  • Fastbreak / Ten Yard Fight – Split (CLEAR)
  • Fastbreak – Fast Cars, Fast Women (TEST PRESS)
  • Fastbreak – Fast Cars, Fast Women (BLUE/ORANGE SWIRL, 1st press, out of 100)
  • Fastbreak – Fast Cars, Fast Women (BLUE, 1st press, out of 300)
  • Fastbreak – Fast Cars, Fast Women (BLACK, RED labels, 1st press, out of 600)
  • Fastbreak – Whenever You’re Ready (YELLOW, out of 226)
  • Fastbreak – Whenever You’re Ready (BLACK)
  • V/A – SuperSoul Comp – The Rebirth of Hardcore 1999 (GOLD, blank BLACK labels, out of 50, STD, TYF, IME, Fastbreak, BT1K, ROTP, Atari, etc)

4 Responses to Fastbreak

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  2. jayb says:

    its weird your dont stop trying 7″ test didnt come with a test press cover.

    bonus info – I helped make the ltd cover for where it lies. I think I still have the original paste up somewhere 🙂

    • Kyle Whitlow says:

      Hmm, I don’t know what’s up with that, and I don’t remember where I originally got my Don’t Stop Trying test. I know I got it sometime in 1999 or 2000. Hey, what was the answer on those – why 55 of em? A quick show/tour pressing type thing?

  3. farside says:

    Hey I just randomly found this, but I have some memories about that Fastbreak test press. My and Nick Third Party’s old band Halfmast was going on tour and Nick wasn’t going to have Fastbreak’s 7″ back from the pressing plant before we left. We had at least 1 show with Fastbreak planned and the release of the record was already late …so Nick had 55 (or maybe more?) of these pressed. He gave personalized copies to all the other members of Halfmast and a few other friends, then we hand delivered the rest (40/50 I think?) to Fastbreak while we were on tour so Fastbreak had something to sell while they waited for the proper release. Fastbreak made their own covers for the copies they got which is why the really low numbered tests didn’t have covers. I’m not sure, but I think there may have been a few unnumbered copies which makes me think they’re may have been more than 55. That part is real fuzzy.

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