Count Me Out

Count Me Out – the LP’s…

Damn, I love both Count Me Out LPs.  They are different, and I like them both for different reasons, but I think I like them about equally.  I was on a quest for test pressings of both LPs for what felt like forever.  Dave Mandel at Indecision always did a pretty good job of sticking to a low number of test pressings for his releases, so unless he or the band themselves sold their copies, it was always hard to find Indecision Records tests.  I used to keep in touch with Jason Mazzola, vocalist of Count Me Out, via the Rev board / email, and I would always chat with him when CMO would come out to the west coast.  So in 2008 I finally emailed him to see if he could help me run down the tests.  He mentioned that Colin had recently bought all of Pete’s records and would be selling them off in pieces over time.  I had actually just bought something off Colin on eBay recently, so I hit him up and was able to pick up both LP tests in 2009.  I am psyched I was finally able to run these down.  I finally felt like the collection was complete. But… I’m finding that the quest is really the fun part of all of this for me.   So I recently sold both LP tests to someone who has really wanted them from me for the last couple of years. I know he’ll take extra good care of them!  When I bought the tests from Colin, I also got both of those weird spray painted Euro Tour 2003 covers.  I don’t think I ever realized these even existed until he told me about them.  It’s another one of these horrible theft stories in Europe, where the van gets broken into and they take everything.  Colin said that probably only about 40 of the “110” LP had been sold, and the rest of the ~60 or so were stolen.  I believe he said that the Permanent copies weren’t “really” available.  They just spray painted ~6 copies of Permanent with the same stencil, one for each band member / roadie.  So the Permanent Euro Tour 03 cover you see above isn’t really a version that was ever available.  I may have gotten this all slightly wrong, I couldn’t find the email trail to confirm the exact details of all of this, but I know the Permanent one was essentially out of like 6 copies.  The summer tour 2002 pressing of 110 has a small little Marilyn screen print on the back, numbered out of 110.  It was also sold at Positive Numbers Fest 2002.  Weird that later the CMO Permanent LP would go on to have Marilyn art on the cover as well. Anyway… I’ve had this copy forever, but I think I threw in a CMO/Panic tour pass (different tour than the Marilyn stamp) when Colin sent it to me with the tests and euro copies that I bought in 2009.  Also – I’ve always loved the clear copy of 110. It looks like they mixed clear vinyl with yellow vinyl, to create a unique light piss color that I’ve never really seen duplicated on any other release, haha. Despite calling it a piss color, I think it looks awesome and I think I’ll always own a copy of this record. I can remember playing this LP over and over on my turntable in the early 2000’s.  I love that fucking thing.  There were 110 copies (of course!) on clear yellow, and 331 on solid yellow.  For the “Permanent” LP, there were 165 red and 349 clear.  Both the red and the clear look super slick with half-toned “pop art” looking layout.

Here’s a closer look at that clear piss yellow vinyl that I love, compared to the solid banana yellow that almost matches the covert exactly.  Also shown in the upper right is the 110 LP insert.

Here’s a close-up of the Marilyn stamp on the back of 110 black vinyl copies of 110.  As the stamp says, this was sold on a summer tour in 2002 and at Posi Numbers Fest 2002.  Mine is #62/110.

This is a tour pass that Colin threw in a package when he was mailing me the test pressings that I’d bought from him.  It was an east coast tour with Panic.  The flip side of the tour pass is the Panic “Dying For It” background/layout and Panic logo.

Promo poster for the “110” LP.

Around this 2000-20002 period, Linas and Robby Redcheeks were doing a lot of these screen-printed posters.  Here’s one for a show in Philly with American Nightmare, Count Me Out, Striking Distance, etc.  I wish that I had the “Sid and Nancy” ones from the Adult Crash show!  I never got those but I want em!

Count Me Out – the 7″‘s…
Gosh, so many pressings of the euro 7″ and the Malfunction 7″.  I feel like euro labels always do the weirdest things, and this release is no exception.  First of all – “Crapchord Records”…. Really?  I mean, spoofing Dischord and/or saying you’re releasing crap? Either way, why would you want to identify yourself that way?  Ok moving on… So why is the test pressing cover an image of a “riot”?  Also, what is up with “The Godfathers” cover? Not to mention why so many limited covers.  It all just seems so incongruent with no particular reason for doing any of it.  Anyway – the Turning Point rip-off covers were made by the band for a show in VA, I think. You can see the flier in the photo.  Really they were all on black vinyl, #/35.  I got that weird orange TP copy from Dave Jannes, this dude in Philly I used to keep in touch with via some friends Walter Yetman and Sarah Clark.  I think he’d gotten to the show a little late and they were all sold out, but he really wanted a copy of this 7″.  He was buddies with the guys in CMO, and they had a couple extra TP covers from Kinko’s or whatever.  So someone numbered this one #37/35 using the same red pen they’d use to number the others, and threw it on an orange vinyl copy.  (Apparently there is a #36, and I don’t know how many past #37).  But anyway, usually the TP rip-off cover has black vinyl, but the ones past #35 have orange vinyl.  Moving on to the Malfunction 7″…  That copy in the middle that has no vinyl pictured with it – that is because it is still sealed with a hand-drawn “lock” sticker made by Linas that they put on the plastic sleeve.  You had to break it to open the record, which I never did because I have other copies.   The next copy directly to the right with skeleton Sid & Nancy and black vinyl has a special “Advance Promo Copy out of 50” written on the front cover. It also has a square “X” stamped on the inside of the cover.  I’ve included some close-up photos below so you can see some of these rare variants up close.  The two copies in the bottom left hand corner were sold on Count Me Out’s winter tour in 2000 or 2001.  I picked these up at the show at The Glass House in Pomona.  Only 15 of the 110 covers were put on pink vinyl, the rest of them were put on black vinyl.  The copy in the bottom right hand corner with screen printed Sid/roses cover is a favorite 7″ cover of mine. I don’t know why, I just really like the art’s portrayal of Sid and the custom screen printed roses are super cool.  I usually hate limited covers, but in this case it was totally worth it becuase it was done so well. I wish more people did this sort of thing if they’re going to do limited covers.  The last copy in the bottom right is the final press on green vinyl sold at Count Me Out’s last show on February 1st, 2003.  RIP, you guys ruled. Oh yeah, one more – there is also a gold vinyl version of the 7″ on Malfunction that comes with the “Mass Grave Boxset”. There are a bunch of photos below.

Close-up of the test pressing on Malfunction.  Mine is #6/15 on the back.

The copy on left has “Advance Promo out of 50” in bottom right hand corner. The copy on the right was the regular cover used with pink and black vinyl.

Super close-up of the “Advance of 50” cover.

Lock sticker holding cover together on inside, another lock sticker sealing the top. I never broke the lock on the top to open the 7″ because I had another black vinyl copy.

Close-up of lock sticker.

Lock sticker still sealed on other side.

Here’s the back of the Winter Tour 2000 covers. My black copy is #43/110.

Here’s a photo comparing the two different “Sid and Nancy” covers.  The screen printed cover with the roses is so fucking cool – I seriously love this cover.  Finally, a limited cover worth doing!

To make this particular copy even cooler – my copy is numbered #1 (out of 110) in silver pen on the bottom right hand corner!!  I know this number represents hand numbering because I owned some copies that had other numbers.

Count Me Out sold these green vinyl copies at their last show on February 1st, 2003.  Mine is #29/100.  Weird that they weren’t out of 110 like every other pressing! haha.

This is the “Mass Grave Boxset” released by Malfunction Records and sold at Posi Numbers Fest – I believe in 2003. Malfunction was run by Tru Pray and Linas Garsys, and they wanted to do something cool to celebrate the releases they’d been having fun with over the last few years on their label. Each set is hand-numbered out of 150 copies. It features a special pressing of the first six Malfunction 7″s on gold vinyl – Time Flies, Count Me Out, Barfight, Wheelbite, Worn Thin, and American Nightmare. The boxes themselves are screen printed, and there is a cool stapled booklet included. More detailed pics shown below!

Screen printed box cover, mine is #77/150.

The stapled booklet features original painted artwork by Linas Garsys.

Here’s the first page of the booklet. It’s an explanation from Linas regarding the creation of this boxset, as well as some history on Malfunction Records.

Each band has a page in the booklet, with an explanation surrounding how Malfunction came to put out that release, as well as some custom artwork as a background. This page happens to be American Nightmare.

The last page of the booklet is a note from Tru Pray. The boxes used for this boxset were purchased from Yesterday & Today Records of Dischord Records fame, just before Y&T closed for good. (Check out my Dischord blog entry, there are many references to Skip and Yesterday And Today). That is really cool how an old D.C. hardcore staple like Yesterday And Today could have somewhat of a mark on a current release on another local D.C. label.

Here’s a close-up of some of the gold vinyl. Count Me Out at the top right, American Nightmare on the bottom right, Worn Thin top left.

I got my copy of the Mass Grave boxset when Linas Garsys flew out to California for some Redemption 87 reunion shows, sometime around 2003/2004. He stayed at my place for the weekend, and as a thank you for giving him a place to crash, he brought me this boxset. He obviously did not have to do that, and I was very grateful! While he was staying at the house, my girlfriend Isa got to talking to him about how much she liked his artwork. So he told her that if she went and bought some paints, he would do a painting for her! It ended up being a custom painting of her and our dog, Amos. He ran out of time and never finished it, so it is only half complete, but it looks kinda cool that way! You can check it out in the photo above. I thought it was super nice that he offered to do that for us. To this day it hangs in my home and is one of my favorite things I own.

Count Me Out – Demo cassette“What The Fuck 97” Demo with Descendants rip-off cover, #8/75.  But then the tape says Demo 98.  I guess that’s the joke – “What the fuck, 97?”. haha I don’t know. Maybe once of these other CMO fanatics will fill me in.


A basic Count Me Out t-shirt design. The cool part about this shirt is on the back…

When Count Me Out was selling this t-shirt on their winter tour in California, all of us were cracking up because it looks like Todd Jones is highlighted on the back! hahahaha. There’s something about the way the shirt was screened, where the rest of the image is washed out, but it’s brighter right around Todd’s face, who is leaning up against the front of the stage in the lower right hand corner.

My Count Me Out collection, at its peak:

  • Count Me Out – What We Built (TEST PRESS, “riot” cover, out of 10)
  • Count Me Out – What We Built (BLACK, Turning Point rip off cover, #5/35)
  • Count Me Out – What We Built (ORANGE, Turning Point rip off cover, #37/35)
  • Count Me Out – What We Built (ORANGE, out of 100)
  • Count Me Out – What We Built (BLACK)
  • Count Me Out – What We Built (BLACK, blank labels, “The Godfathers” cover, out of 126)
  • Count Me Out – Few And Far Between (TEST PRESS #6/15, Gas Mask cover, Malfunction Records)
  • Count Me Out – Few And Far Between (BLACK, lock sticker at top of plastic sleeve still sealed and un-opened)
  • Count Me Out – Few And Far Between (BLACK, inside cover says “advance of 50” and has blue X stamp on inside cover, with Lock sticker, out of 50)
  • Count Me Out – Few And Far Between (PINK, w/Winter Tour cover, only 15 sold on pink w/tour cover)
  • Count Me Out – Few And Far Between (BLACK, w/Winter Tour cover, #’d 43/110)
  • Count Me Out – Few And Far Between (BLACK, w/screened Sid & Nancy “Roses” cover, #’d 95/110)
  • Count Me Out – Few And Far Between (PINK, out of 110)
  • Count Me Out – Few And Far Between (GREEN, last show 02.01.2003 cover, #29/100)
  • V/A – Malfunction MASS GRAVE BOX SET #77/150 (6x 7″ GOLD vinyl, Count Me Out, Time Flies, American Nightmare, Worn Thin, Wheelbite, Barfight, out of 150 each)
  • Count Me Out – 110 (TEST PRESS)
  • Count Me Out – 110 (CLEAR, out of 110)
  • Count Me Out – 110 (SOLID YELLOW, out of 331)
  • Count Me Out – 110 (BLACK, Posi Fest 2002 Marilyn stamp, #62/110)
  • Count Me Out – 110 (BLACK, spraypainted Euro 03 cover, out of 80)
  • Count Me Out – 110 (BLACK)
  • Count Me Out – Permanent (TEST PRESS)
  • Count Me Out – Permanent (RED, out of 165)
  • Count Me Out – Permanent (CLEAR, out of 349)
  • Count Me Out – Permanent (BLACK, spraypainted Euro 03 cover, only 9 made but van was broken into and 5 were stolen, only 4 known to exist)
  • Count Me Out – Permanent (BLACK)
  • Count Me Out – Demo 98 (WHAT THE FUCK 97! Descendents rip-off cover, #8/75)

5 Responses to Count Me Out

  1. dave jannes says:

    Kyle- these pics are so awesome. Definitely stirring up some awesome memories. Some stuff to add- the TP covers were for a Mouthpiece reunion gig in Philly in October 2000, I believe. The red and black Sid cover was sold at a different Mouthpiece reunion/the last No Justice show in DC in December of 2000. I’ve also heard differing opinions on the number of pink winter tour covers- some say 15, some say 25; I’ve only known two people with copies (yours being one of them) and I’ve been searching for one since it came out.

    • Kyle Whitlow says:

      Jannes! Long time no talk. This is so cool that people I haven’t heard from in forever are popping up and replying. Yo, you guys are totally right about the 15 copies – I just checked my trade list and even my own list says pink w/tour cover is out of 15. I remember the CMO guys telling me that at the Glasshouse show where I bought it. I was just typing these blog posts off the top of my head – I should consult my own trade list first! haha. I’ll update the post now to say it’s out of 15. Thanks for the info about what shows the covers were sold at… Yo, did I get the whole story right about how you got the TP cover with the orange vinyl copy? I wasn’t sure if I got that 100% right. Hey, if you want, I’d be willing to sell you my pink copy w/tour cover. I don’t know if you’ll ever check this again, so I’ll email ya!

  2. Andy says:

    I’ve also heard the 15 figure most often for the winter tour on pink, but based on the numbering on my copy, I’d have to guess that it’s actually 25. Assuming they were stamped sequentially, black copies first, then pink, if there were 15 pink copies I’d expect that they’d start at number 95. Mine is stamped #90.

    And as for the Marilyn screen print on 110, those were for posi-fest 2002. Permanent came out that a few months earlier, so I’m guessing they had some black copies left they wanted to unload so they went with the Marilyn theme since it was the artwork for the newly released LP.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Re: The What the Fuck demo.
    According to the bio on Indecision, CMO was called “What the Fuck” before they played any shows.

  4. posixchris says:

    man i share your love with champion, carry on and now even CMO! I’ve been chasing those LP tests since they came out, got also rejected by Dave Mandel. So you were the lucky one who bought Pete’s tests via Colin? Man i didn’t know about that Permanent stamped vinyl.I’ve i had known, i would have been broken into the van before 😉

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