Betrayed – “Addiction” 7″One day I was talking with Todd Jones online while I was at work, and he sent me over some mp3s of some melodic riffs that he was working on for a new project.  I was super into these things, and I encouraged him to really keep going with this stuff.  We both worked 9 to 5 office job type deals, and there was this period where we’d talk throughout the day and he’d often send me little riffs and things he’d been working on.  But a lot of times they would get scrapped later, etc.  But I’m glad that this stuff stuck around, because eventually he talked with Aram about doing the project together, and a lot of those riffs became the Betrayed “Addiction” EP.  I really like the “Addiction” EP most out of everything they’ve done so far.  It always reminded me of if you took the experiences of a “Dischord Revolution Summer era” kid, but had him grow up in the 90’s/2000’s era of hardcore, and sped it up a little bit, haha.  That probably didn’t make any sense, but it does to me.  Anyway, I really like this record, and I was happy to see them keep forging forward with the project, ultimately making it more of a band that actually played shows and everything.  The pressing info for the 1st pressing was 90 record release copies with stamped labels, 100 on clear, 250 on red, 250 on white, and 300 on black.   The test pressing is limited to 10 copies.  I think there was kind of a mis-communication, because I’m pretty sure Todd wanted the clear copies to be more of a “friend’s press” type deal… But instead they went out with pre-orders to everyone.  So they pressed 100 more records, this time on blue vinyl.  Oddly enough, 4 copies (that they know of) came out as green vinyl, and I own 1 of those 4. Later they did another 900 copies on black vinyl.  You can tell it is a 2nd press by the “B9R:64” on the labels.  The entire first pressing doesn’t have the catalog number on the labels at all.

Test pressing, out of 10 copies.  Todd mailed this to me just after the record release shows.

Close-up of test pressing labels, released in summer of 2005, just before final Carry On shows in July.  Betrayed played one of the shows.

Stamped labels, out of 90, sold at the Record Release show.  I believe the show was in San Diego at the Che Cafe?  Todd saved me one and mailed it up to me with a test pressing shortly after the show.

Here’s the green vs. blue vinyl.  100 copies were pressed, 96 on blue, 4 came out green (that we know of).  The green definitely has a lot of blue streaks in it.

A closer look at just the green, out of only 4 copies known to exist. You can see the blue streaks better in this photo.

Layout design was done by Anthony Pappalardo of In My Eyes fame.

There was also a 12″ release of this EP, released by Dead & Gone Records in the UK.  500 copies only, all on black vinyl.  I also owned a test pressing of this release, but I sold it to Dobek in Japan last year.

Here is a photo of the 12″ test pressing that I sold to Dobek Ohashi last year.  It is #8/10.

Betrayed / Champion – “Split” 7″Over the next year after the Addiction EP came out in June of 2005, Todd and I would always kick around the idea of me putting out some Betrayed songs on some sort of split release on Rivalry Records.  I had been close friends with the guys in Champion forever and it seemed natural to do a Champion / Betrayed split 7″.  But the only thing we were worried about was having the release be a little stale by doing a split release with two bands where most of the members of one band played in the other too (Aram and Todd Preboski play in both Champion and Betrayed).  Not to mention, a split where both bands are playing somewhat of the same style to the same crowd.  We talked it over with Aram and the guys in Champion and in the end we all kinda felt like “fuck it, who cares, let’s do whatever we want”, haha.  And isn’t that the way it always should be anyway?  This split turned out sweet, and was the first appearance of the Betrayed song “Bring It To Life”.  That song is sick!  It was the first appearance of Todd’s more “rock influenced” song writing that we’d see more of on the Betrayed “Substance”.  For the record release show, each band had a different color to sell, with both versions being out of 135 copies.  Not only did the record release show happen to be Rivalry Records Showcase 2006, but it was Champion’s second to last show ever.  Champion had announced that they were breaking up, and the only show left after the Rivalry Showcase was their final show in Seattle.   So these 3 songs were the last Champion songs ever recorded.  At the showcase, Betrayed sold the brown/orange swirl copies out of 135, Champion sold the orange/red split out of 135.  There were 13 test pressings.  The red vinyl with orange splatter was sold to pre-orders, out of 320.  The rest of the 1st pressing was 980 on clear vinyl.  We quickly did a 2nd pressing on clear vinyl, out of 1525, but the only difference is a small “II” on the b-side label.  The problem was, I ran out of covers while assembling the vinyl, so 1325 of those 2nd press clear vinyl got regular covers, and 200 were just sitting there without covers.  So, for Betrayed’s “last shows” I made 200 limited covers (I know, I know, they ended up playing shows again a couple years later).

Speaking of Aram and Todd Preboski being in both bands… When we originally announced the Champion / Betrayed split EP, I had this idea to play a joke on Aram (and everyone really – most people seriously didn’t notice), and put this splash page up on my site.  I was able to make this image look pretty damned good actually, because Champion and Betrayed had both played the final Carry On shows at the Showcase Theatre in July of 2005.  So the photos of Betrayed and Champion that Chrissie Good took that night had very similar lighting.  Splicing these together was pretty easy, and it kinda turned out perfect.  This still cracks me up when I look at it.  “Aram and the Aram’s”, hahahaha.

Originally, we made a couple passes at some different artwork designs, but we weren’t real happy with what we ended up with.  Finally, Todd had some ideas, and he got together with our friend Bo Thompson (Snake Eyes vocalist) who he was playing in a band with and hanging out with a lot during that period.  They had an idea for a story via photos, with this dude and a beer bottle and “hope/fear” on his knuckles.  So they got the photos taken, and let Scott Magrath work his layout magic.  Bo Thompson is the dude you see in the photos.  Personally, I really love this layout, and think it turned out spectacular.  I don’t know if everyone shares the same sentiment.  It seems hardcore kids tend to always prefer basic live photo+logo or hand drawn layouts, but I guess I really couldn’t care less.  Rivalry was my label to do what I wanted with it, and I was psyched on how this layout turned out.  The reds and oranges are super vibrant, and really fit the mood of the rage in the photos and shit.  The tri-fold layout looks sweet as well.  Plus, it totally has a “2001 vibe” to it (Carry On LP, Hope Con 7″, AN 2nd 7″, Panic 1st 7″, etc), which was the era that Todd and I were so psyched on with Carry On and the evolution of Bridge Nine Records.  So it was kind of a throwback to that era.

I made a special cover for the test pressings, just using the inner photo from the tri-fold layout.  Todd wanted to make sure the test pressings were not excessive, so there are only 13 in total.  We simply made one for each member of both bands, one for Scott Magrath, and one for Zach and myself.  They are all hand numbered on the back, mine is #2/13.

Close-up of the “II” on the b-side label to differentiate the 2nd pressing clear copies.

The limited cover for Betrayed’s “last show” was an “out-take” from the photo session they did for the album cover of the “Substance” LP.  It’s all of the dudes in “B-boy stances”.  All of them look hilarious, but the Todd Jones’ “puckered-lip-face” has gotta be the best one.  Haha, I love this photo, man.  This cover was obviously made years after the original split 7″ came out, so at this point I had actually already used this photo on the b-side label of the Substance LP too.

The “last shows” were in October 2006.  Each record is stamped with a number on the back, out of 200.  Mine is #001/200.  The clear vinyl that comes with these covers has the second pressing “II” on the label, as shown in the photo above.

Betrayed – “Substance” LPBetrayed’s “Substance” album was released by Equal Vision Records, but at the request of the band, EVR allowed me to to license the rights to press the vinyl on Rivalry.  There were only 10 test pressings.  For the 1st pressing, we did 218 on pink vinyl, 328 on blue vinyl, and 622 on white vinyl.  The pink vinyl were sold as a record release at Sound And Fury Festival 2006.  The 2nd pressing was also white vinyl, out of 1030, but the “II” appears on the b-side label again to denote the difference.

As always, Scott Magrath came through with a great looking layout.  I actually love the layout and cover art for this album, but I know a lot of people had a bunch of shitty things to say about them posing for their own album cover, etc etc.  I think the stark contrast black and white photography and the typesets used looks really awesome.  The still band photos remind me of those Minor Threat photos of the dudes sitting on the front steps or something like that.  The Betrayed logo used on this LP was new at the time, and it looks good here.  I liked that it looks kinda scratchy and on the crusty punk side of things, despite them being a very clean-cut band.  I also like the fact that it’s a big gatefold layout with lots of whitespace. All in all, I think this is a great layout – but I’m the kind of guy that’s always partial to really nice clean layouts.

There are only 10 test pressings of this album, I kept #1/10.  Test pressings are numbered on the a-side, have a Rivalry stamp on the b-side, and have the regular gatefold LP jacket.

The b-side label of the Substance LP was actually the first time we used that funny “B-boy” out-take photo.  As shown earlier, it was later used on the limited cover of the Champion / Betrayed split 7″.  This happens to be a 1st pressing white vinyl copy, so it does not have the “II” on the b-side. The photo below shows the “II” 2nd pressing copy.

Close-up of the “II” used on the b-side label of the 2nd pressing.

Betrayed – “Suffering” 7″This record came out recently, and is the first recorded material since Betrayed came back after their “last shows”.  I’ve stopped collecting multiple copies of new releases, so I didn’t go out of my way to pick up every version of this record.  These days I’m just buying one copy to listen to and read the lyrics.  I somehow ended up with 2 of these, so cool deal. I just checked the React website and it looks like this one is 200 on blue, 400 on white.

Here’s a look at the inside and outside layout.

All React releases come with an original essay written by a friend of the band or the label.  This one was written by Joe Hardcore, who puts on the annual This Is Hardcore festival, and has booked shows and done bands in and around Philly and New Jersey for years and years.

The back-side of the essay always has the React Records “Above The Influence, Against The Grain” logo.  Most of their LP insert mailers are printed with this image too.

Betrayed @ Rivalry Showcase 2008

Betrayed @ Rivalry Showcase 2008. Click above to watch, or watch on Vimeo for a larger version.

My Betrayed collection, at its peak:

  • Betrayed – Addiction EP (TEST PRESS, out of 10)
  • Betrayed – Addiction EP (GREEN, out of 4)
  • Betrayed – Addiction EP (BLUE, out of 96)
  • Betrayed – Addiction EP (BLACK w/RED stamped labels, rec release, out of 90)
  • Betrayed – Addiction EP (CLEAR, out of 100)
  • Betrayed – Addiction EP (RED, out of 250)
  • Betrayed – Addiction EP (WHITE, out of 250)
  • Betrayed – Addiction EP (BLACK, out of 300)
  • Betrayed – Addiction EP (BLACK, 2nd press with B9R:64 detail label, out of 900)
  • Betrayed – Suffering (BLUE)
  • Betrayed – Suffering (WHITE)
  • Betrayed / Champion – Split (TEST PRESS, #1/13)
  • Betrayed / Champion – Split (RED/ORANGE SPLIT, Champion color @ RVL Showcase #3 Rec Release, out of 135)
  • Betrayed / Champion – Split (BROWN/ORANGE SWIRL, Betrayed color @ RVL Showcase #3 Rec Release, out of 135)
  • Betrayed / Champion – Split (RED w/ORANGE SPLATTER, out of 320)
  • Betrayed / Champion – Split (CLEAR, 1st press, out of 980)
  • Betrayed / Champion – Split (CLEAR, 2nd press, II b-side label, out of 1325)
  • Betrayed / Champion – Split (CLEAR, 2nd press, Betrayed Last Show cover, #1/200)
  • Betrayed – Addiction EP 12″ (TEST PRESS #8/10, Dead And Gone Records, UK Pressing)
  • Betrayed – Addiction EP 12″ (BLACK, Dead And Gone Records, UK Pressing)
  • Betrayed – Substance (TEST PRESS, #1/10)
  • Betrayed – Substance (PINK, record release, out of 218)
  • Betrayed – Substance (BLUE, out of 328)
  • Betrayed – Substance (WHITE, 1st press, out of 622)
  • Betrayed – Substance (WHITE, 2nd press, w/”II” b-side label 2nd pressing, out of 1030)

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