Another Breath

Another Breath – “Not Now, Not Ever” LPWhen my friends in Our Turn flew out to the East Coast to play some shows, they happened to play a show with Another Breath in their small hometown of Fulton in upstate New York.  When they came home, Isaac Fratini (drummer of Our Turn and Killing The Dream) and Carl Cordova (Our Turn vocalist) both told me that they played with this band called “Another Breath” that went crazy at a basement show, and gave me their “demo CD” to check out.  It turns out the “Not Now, Not Ever” recording was their “demo”.  This band had practiced their asses off, saved their money, and recorded their own first recording with Kurt Ballou at God City!  Crazy!  I was pretty floored…  You don’t hear stories like this every day, of a band going to God City for their first recording.  Usually the first thing you do as a band kinda sucks… But that was absolutely not the case with this one. You could tell that they had focused and put everything they had into this recording.  It didn’t take more than a few listens for me to contact the band and figure out how we could get this thing released ASAP on Rivalry.  They had already been in talks with Jan at Assault Records in Europe to release it on vinyl.  So, I agreed to get the CD out ASAP, and Jan could continue with pressing the vinyl.  I never did a vinyl pressing of this record on Rivalry, so all versions you see were released on Assault Records from Germany.

There were only 6 test pressings pressed by Assault Records, so these are very tough to find.

Pre-order edition on orange vinyl with sticker on dust sleeve.

Tour edition on red vinyl with sticker on dust sleeve.  There are also 18 copies on red that do not have a sticker on the dust sleeve.

2nd pressing with screen printed cover and new labels.  Sign language… “A.B.”, get it?  This came on white vinyl and black vinyl.

2nd pressing on white vinyl with limited cover and stamped labels.

The back of the limited cover.

Cool layout by John Twentyfive.

Promo poster.  I dig the “Come see us rip it up…”.

Someone emailed me this photo of the Rivalry promo posters hanging up in a store in Europe. This was a big deal for us. It blew our minds that our posters were hanging in a record store halfway across the world next to an Elton John poster! Stuff like this always made all of the hard work worth it.

Poster for a Euro Tour with Verse.

Another Breath – “Mill City” LPRivalry #19.  This LP is so fucking awesome.  I’ve never understood why this band didn’t get noticed more.  After this LP, I honestly thought they would probably end up on Jade Tree or Equal Vision or something, because I knew they had the potential to evolve and keep making cool music that could cross genres.

Test pressing

Another great layout by John Twentyfive.  I dig the pop art vibe and the rays in the background. Very cool looking.

Promo poster

Promo poster for the Euro Tour with Victims.

Poster for Syracuse New Year’s Day show.

Another Breath – “The God Complex” LPThis album is sick.  It sounds like AB’s past stuff, combined with elements of Southern rock.  I had pretty much stopped releasing records on Rivalry, so Another Breath found another home on Panic Records in the U.S., while continuing to work with Jan at Assault Records in Europe.  The band sent me some copies of the Assault pressing of this release, so that is what you see here.  I think Panic Records also released this album on vinyl, but I don’t own any of those. 

I dig the way the vinyl color matches the theme of the layout: blue sky vinyl and “cloud” vinyl (clear with white swirl).  They also matched the ink color that is screen printed on the cover with the vinyl colors.  Very cool.

“Cloud” vinyl: clear with white swirl.



A cool limited cover with silver ink on black cardstock. 

Gnarly drawing

Back cover

Another Breath @ Rivalry Showcase 2008

Another Breath @ Rivalry Showcase 2008. Click above to watch, or watch on Vimeo for a larger version.

My Another Breath collection, at its peak…

  • Another Breath – Not Now, Not Ever (TEST PRESS, out of 6)
  • Another Breath – Not Now, Not Ever (RED, w/o tour sticker, out of 18)
  • Another Breath – Not Now, Not Ever (RED, European tour sticker, #/100)
  • Another Breath – Not Now, Not Ever (ORANGE, out of 97)
  • Another Breath – Not Now, Not Ever (BLACK, out of 318)
  • Another Breath – Not Now, Not Ever (WHITE, 2nd press, #28/200)
  • Another Breath – Not Now, Not Ever (WHITE, 2nd press, silk screened cover)
  • Another Breath – Not Now, Not Ever (BLACK, 2nd press, silk screened cover)
  • Another Breath – Mill City (TEST PRESS, #1/20)
  • Another Breath – Mill City (GREEN, Summer 2006 tour pressing, out of 237)
  • Another Breath – Mill City (BLUE/GREY SWIRL, out of 240)
  • Another Breath – Mill City (BLUE, out of 770)
  • Another Breath – God Complex (BLACK, silkscreened pre-order cover, #70/100)
  • Another Breath – God Complex (BLUE/WHITE SWIRL, out of 206)
  • Another Breath – God Complex (BLUE/BLACK SWIRL, out of 220)
  • Another Breath – God Complex (WHITE/CLEAR SWIRL, out of 512)

4 Responses to Another Breath

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  2. Nab says:

    I forgot how much I loved Mill City when it came out!
    I’ve got this if you’re interested:
    Another Breath – Not Now, Not Never + demo (Assault records, 2007 european tour press, red cover, handnumbered 56/100) stamped label

  3. Kole Campbell says:

    Hey man panic records also released some reject test pressings of the god complex. It was on this nasty marble color it’s out of a hundred. Amazing band to bad they called it quits

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