Alone In A Crowd

The AIAC 7″ has gotten really popular in the 2000’s hardcore era, with many bands performing and recording covers of Is Anybody There?, When Tigers Fight, etc.  Prior to the year 2000, this wasn’t really a 7″ that got talked about all that much by anyone that wasn’t close to the NYHC and youth crew area of NY.  But it’s definitely a mainstream youth crew item at this point.  AIAC features Jules from SBS on vocals, and it’s a really sweet 7″.  Dude has a great voice!  If I remember hearing correctly, they only played one show ever. 

Anyway, I was lucky enough to score an original test pressing of the original pressing on Flux Records. It has “Cargo Records” test pressing labels, which is kind of unique since most hardcore 7″s around this period were pressed with United, Erika, Rainbo, etc.  I scored this test in an epic trade with Geoff TDT that I mentioned in my Rev posting as well.  In the trade I received this AIAC 7″ test, a Chain – True Till Death 7″ test pressing, Necros skate park sleeve, and numbered Warzone b-side label.  Geoff got a bunch of sweet stuff too, and it was a cool trade all around. By far the biggest, most complicated trade I’ve ever done. 

In the photo you can see how much cooler the 1st pressing cover and huge insert is.  I’ve always thought the 2nd pressing cover was wack. Why do labels always mess around with cover art? I’ve also always thought it was weird how the front of the 2nd pressing cover has that little “lip” – I’ve never seen that type of cutting on any other 7″. 

Here are the back covers.  There’s also a weird “3rd pressing” of sorts that I’ve never been able to get ahold of.  The front is the same wack image as the 2nd pressing, but it doesn’t have that weird lip thing on the front. The back cover is all black + text instead of having the photo like the 2nd pressing. Brian Murphy and Dobek have documented this weird 3rd pressing on their blogs.

Close-up of the big fold out insert. Cool stuff.

My Alone In A Crowd collection, at its peak:

  • Alone In A Crowd – s/t (TEST PRESS, original Flux Records)
  • Alone In A Crowd – s/t (Flux Recs, 1st press)
  • Alone In A Crowd – s/t (Flux Recs, 2nd press, alternate “face” cover)

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