7 Seconds

I don’t have a ton of 7 seconds records like my man Skones does, but I have a couple that are pretty tough to find. Namely, The Crew LP on BLUE vinyl.  The problem with this thing is that no one knows how many were pressed, AND they look like black vinyl unless you hold them up to the light!  They can be impossible to find because there’s probably a lot of old punks out there that don’t even know they own one!  Check out my photo. That is the same copy of The Crew in both photos, but without the light, it looks like regular ‘ol black vinyl in the first photo.  It took me forever to hunt one of these down. I finally had to pick it up on eBay a couple years back, because I was just getting nowhere trying to track one down via trade lists, etc.  It only pops up on eBay like once a year or maybe once every two years, so you gotta grab it when you can.  I think this is a really neat record, and I like the fact that the blue is subtle.  Also pictured is a Walk Together, Rock Together LP that is a plant mis-press where the A-side music is pressed on both sides of the LP, so you only get half of the songs! haha.  Again, not sure how many of these are  out there.  It’s also a bitch to find because you either have to know what you’re looking for in the matrix etching, or you have to play the record to find out if it’s a “double A-side” copy.  I think I got mine back in the early 2000’s with a big lot of records I bought from a dude who was selling his whole collection of just regular black vinyl LP’s. I was pretty much just buying the collection to pick up a couple first pressing Youth Of Today LP’s on Caroline, etc – nothing super special. But then this LP came with the lot, and I realized it was a double A-side copy.  It’s not a hugely valuable record, but probably $60-$80 or something, so that was pretty cool.  Also in the photo are two 7 Seconds 7″. The “Skins, Brains, and Guts” EP on white vinyl on Pazzafist is nothing special, I just threw everything from 7 Seconds I had in the photo.  The “Blast From The Past” EP’s at the bottom of the photo are originals on Positive Force Records, the record label run by vocalist Kevin Seconds.  Both have the original matrix etching “7 seconds-3-1”, whereas later pressings had something different.  I believe the clear vinyl was a “fan club” version for those who’d signed up via snail mail for the Positive Force fan club.  My blue vinyl copy has an original  “Walk Together, Rock Together Tour 1985″ sticker with it!  I don’t know if these blue vinyl copies were made for the tour, or if the owner just threw this sticker that he got into his 7”.  Either way, it’s a cool little sticker that’s over 25 years old!  I’ve heard that both the clear vinyl and blue vinyl are out of only 100 copies each, though you need to check the matrix etching. I think the same colors were used on represses.  Either way, I don’t know if this pressing information is accurate or not.

My 7 Seconds collection, at its peak:

  • 7 Seconds – Blast From The Past EP (CLEAR, Friends Club press, out of 100, 7 seconds-3-1 in matrix)
  • 7 Seconds – Blast From The Past EP (BLUE, out of 100, with OG 1985 “WTRT” tour sticker, 7 seconds-3-1 in matrix)
  • 7 Seconds – Skin, Brains, & Guts EP (white, Pazzafist recs)
  • 7 Seconds – The Crew (BLUE vinyl, BLUE lettering cover, very very difficult to find on BLUE vinyl)
  • 7 Seconds – Walk Together (OG Positive Force, A-side pressed on both A & B sides. Only about 100 exist)

2 Responses to 7 Seconds

  1. Leigh V. says:

    So glad you put a pic of your copy of The Crew up on your blog, I also own a copy and it’s my favourite record in my collection. Awsome release, blue lettering predominantly black and white background with dark blue vinyl = A winner. It may not be the most expensive or sought after record out there but I love it. Rumoured pressing numbers are around the 250 mark. Usually described as blueish/green in colour mine is more of a dark blue with black streaks. Interested to read if anyone else has variations of the colour scheme out there. Loving the photos and the write ups Kyle. Keep them coming.

    • Kyle Whitlow says:

      Yeah I’d always heard blue/green too! Mine is absolutely just blue/purple and black, or at least that’s how it looks to me. I’d love to see one that has more green to it, would look really cool. I agree that it’s such a slick looking record with the black/white layout and the blue lettering on the cover. Even cooler how it “blends in with the world” and most people don’t even know they have one!

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