Easter Sunday

A nice lil Sunday…

imageEating breakfast on the back patio… Spring dawns in the backyard as Amos ponders the meaning of it all, haha.

imageGetting chocolate wasted on this cupcake that my thoughtful girlfriend, Jessica, bought me.

imageHiking the Cataract Trail at Mount Tamalpais in Marin County just north of San Francisco. Beautiful! Tons of waterfalls. My roommate, Aaron, invited me and my girlfriend to go. Great idea, Aaron!

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1 Response to Easter Sunday

  1. James Cooper says:

    I’d know if this find you but, I’m looking for the vinyl of all Go it Alone releases. I bought CDs back in the day but all I listen to is vinyl now.. I was wondering if you knew of anywhere online I could snag some vinyl.. I see stuff on ebay and discogs but I dont wanna over spend unless i have too any help would be great. thanks peace

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