Kill Your Idols and Time Flies

Kill Your Idols and Time Flies have both been added to the vinyl documentary. I always really admired the way Kill Your Idols went about doing their band. You could tell that they only did releases with bands and labels with whom they had built strong relationships throughout their years in the underground hardcore punk scene. They were never afraid to do releases with new or smaller labels/bands. It’s no surprise that KYI seems to have a ton of “super fans” who collect every version of their records, get the KYI skull tattooed on them, etc. Kill Your Idols always seemed so humble, so down to earth, and so connected with the local scenes that they passed through. They just seemed to “get” what hardcore punk was supposed to be all about. I’ll never forget one summer around 2001 when KYI embarked on the most brutal 6-7 week U.S. Tour. Most bands do 3-4 weeks max on US tours, and even that is pushing it. But KYI went out and played every small town that they could find. On that tour my best friend, Zach Harlan, booked them a show in Chico, CA. There was hardly anyone at the show other than the dudes in the other bands and some of our closest friends from Chico and Redding. But the dudes in KYI played an awesome set and were very thankful and respectful to Zach and all of us who had helped set up the show. That made a big impression on me. From that day on, I always made it a point to follow what Kill Your Idols was doing. I bought pretty much all of their records. The only problem with KYI is that they worked so hard and released so much material, many times as small vinyl-only releases, that it could be hard to keep up before another release came out! I’ll bet KYI has many hundreds of songs in total, haha. I tried to keep up as best I could, as shown in the photos below, but I definitely never had everything!

Time Flies

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