Strike Anywhere and Get Up Kids vinyl collections

Two new collections added to the vinyl documentaryStrike Anywhere and The Get Up Kids.  Strike Anywhere has been one of my favorite bands for a long, long time. I got into them in the coolest way possible – by just stumbling across them on their very first tour, without ever hearing them (or even hearing of them, for that matter). That is happening less and less these days, given the ease of hearing about bands via internet streaming, Pandora, Youtube, social networking, etc etc.  The last time that I saw Strike Anywhere play was in October of 2009, and I honestly felt the exact same way about them as the first time that I saw them nearly 10 years earlier. It’s pretty rare to feel the same way about anything 10 years later, especially given the growth and change that occurs in a person between the ages of 20-30. There is just something about Thomas’s voice that makes you feel welcome, safe, defiant, and angry, all within the same moment. Strike Anywhere feels like community, they make me feel hopeful, and I will forever love that about them.

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