Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, and Paint It Black

The newest additions to the vinyl photo documentary are Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, and Paint It Black.  Lifetime is one of the most unique bands that’s ever passed through the hardcore community…  They somehow mixed pop punk, indie, and hardcore into one fluid sound that was absolutely original and unique to them, and them only.  Over the years I’ve seen several bands set out to do something similar, but it invariably ends up sounding like one of two things… It either sounds like the more mainstream pop punk stuff that we’ve seen proliferate in the 2000′s era, or else it’s not quite poppy enough and it just kind of sounds like wimpy hardcore with no threat.  The bottom line is Lifetime has been imitated a thousand times, but hasn’t been duplicated even once.  The closest thing to it would be Lifetime guitarist Dan Yemin’s next band, Kid Dynamite, but that was purposely done quite differently – “Shorter, Faster, Louder”, duh!  I never got to see Lifetime play live during their original formation in the late 1990′s… I had one opportunity when I was 15 years old – when they played with Good Riddance in Chico, CA.  I did not know who Lifetime was, but was pumped on going to see Good Riddance.  Unfortunately, my family had fallen upon some hard times that year, and it turned out that I had to help my family move to another home the week of the GR/Lifetime show.  My best friend, Zach Harlan, went to the show, and brought home the Lifetime “Hello Bastards” recording, talking about how awesome they had been.  I’ve loved them ever since!  To this day I still wish that I could have seen them that night in Chico, CA, but I’m glad Zach was able to go so that he could share their records with me.  In my opinion, the “Hello Bastards” and “Jersey’s Best Dancers” LP’s are always going to stand as untouchable classics.

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