San Francisco 49ers… Thanks for an amazing season.

I’m really going to miss looking forward to the Sunday football game each week! This season was one of those amazing times where something as small as a sports game on TV each weekend can really help pull you through a tough work week. It was an amazing ride, and so unexpected. It really felt a lot like the 2010 Giants World Series run. It’s been so awesome to see the Bay Area excited again about their local teams. Today when I got up in the morning and went down to Safeway, I saw so many elderly guys, ghetto guys, regular business guys, all in 49ers letterman jackets, starter jackets, and vintage hats, all fist bumping and cheering to each other. It brought back all of those memories of being a kid in the 80’s, watching my dad put on his Niner gear, and scream at the TV every Sunday as John Taylor or Jerry Rice were streaking down the field for their usual 50+ yard touchdown runs. (Mike Whitlow: “He’s gone…. He’s gone… HE’S GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”) The rain, wind, and general vibe of today seemed so perfectly fitting for a home playoff game at Candlestick. And who knows, this may be the last playoff game we ever see at the ‘Stick since the Niners will finally be out of that hell-hole and move to Santa Clara in 3 or so years. I hate to see them leave the City, but I understand that they need a new facility with adequate accessibility badly. Like everyone else, I’m so disappointed and felt physically sick to my stomach when Kyle Williams botched those 2 punts today, but I’m still so pumped on this unexpected season and am looking forward to the next 4 years with Harbaugh at the helm!

So with no football anymore, it’s time to focus my attention to the rest of the Golden State Warriors season. Obviously they probably won’t even finish above .500 this year, but I never give up on my teams, and will always enjoy my good ‘ol season tickets at Oracle. And hey, it’s only 2 months until I head to Arizona for Spring Training to kick off the 2012 Giants season! I fly out March 22nd and return April 1st. Definitely looking forward to that as my next vacation! Who’s got it better than us??? NOOOOBODY! 🙂

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