Rivalry Records blog entry finally completed!

I have finally completed the official Rivalry Records entry in the vinyl photo documentary.  There’s photos of every single vinyl variation released on Rivalry, photos of the bands hanging out, as well as embedded video of each Rivalry Showcase….  Rivalry Records was an amazing 6 year period of my life when I got the unique opportunity to do something productive, inspiring, and impactful on a truly global scale with 30+ of my closest friends. I will forever be grateful to them for the commitment and faith that they put in me. Though Zach Harlan and myself were the faces of Rivalry Records, our label truly was so much more – it was a family. I always saw all of the band members/roadies/significant others, Naoma Johnston (booking shows at 924 Gilman St.), my roommate Aaron Menesez (Right On bassist), and Ryan Mattos (Rivalry screen-printer, Gilman show coordinator, Ceremony guitarist) as just as much of an integral part of Rivalry Records as anything else. Without this sense of community, I don’t think Rivalry Records would have been able to accomplish even half of the things that we did. Thank you to the entire Rivalry Family, for all of your friendship, hard work, and most importantly, for all of the good times. We killed it. 🙂

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