Killing The Dream and Another Breath

Killing The Dream and Another Breath are the latest entries to the vinyl photo documentary.  The KTD 7″ was the first piece of vinyl I ever pressed on Rivalry (The Damage Done was Rivalry #3, but I actually pressed it after the KTD 7″).  Zach and I had become friends with Eli over the years of us living in Oroville/Chico, CA and going to shows at Westcoast Worldwide in Sacramento, CA.  We would always hang out at shows in Sacramento, even when we were basically 3 of the 15 total people that were there!  Eli was always super supportive of Zach’s band, Conscientious Objector, as well as almost any band that came through Sacramento.  All around, he’s basically the nicest dude ever, haha!  Eventually Eli started his own band with some of the other guys that we knew from Sacramento – Bart, Joel, and Isaac.  Later we’d also get to know Chris Chase and DJ.  I remember Eli playing the KTD demo CD-R for Zach and I in the front seat of my car while we were hanging outside a show at Westcoast Worldwide.  This was before we had ever started Rivalry Records.  Then Eli found out that he had a medical issue with his vocal chords and he had to put his band on hold.  In the meantime, Zach and I started Rivalry and released the Physical Challenge and Time For Living records.  When Eli was better and knew he could continue, we asked him if he’d like KTD to be the next band on Rivalry!

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