Allegiance, The Damage Done, Lights Out, Right On, and SSB

Allegiance, The Damage Done, Lights Out, and Right On have all been added to the vinyl photo documentary (Some Still Believe is included directly in the Allegiance and Right On posts).  Allegiance was a band full of all my best friends, so this band will always embody the term “family” to me.  John Eightclip and I even lived together for many years.  He, Ross, Duane, Skones (roadie), and I still hang out on a regular basis, and I think we will always treat each other as brothers.  Allegiance and our extended group of friends was always kind of the “home base” for Rivalry Records in the SF Bay Area of California, and we welcomed any Rivalry affiliated band in with open arms and helped them with whatever they needed.  Though Zach Harlan and myself were the faces of Rivalry Records, I always saw John, Ross, Duane, Phil Lantz, Skones (Allegiance roadie, Right On vocalist), Naoma Johnston (booking shows at 924 Gilman St.), my roommate Aaron Menesez (Right On bassist), and Ryan Mattos (Ceremony guitarist) as just as much of an integral part of Rivalry Records as anything else.  Without this sense of community, I don’t think Rivalry Records would have been able to accomplish even half of the things that we did.  I also included posts for Right On, Some Still Believe , The Damage Done (my band), and Lights Out since all of these bands featured most of the same people, and/or hung out in the same group of friends, and/or were somehow affiliated with me and Rivalry.

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