Rivalry Records

The sub-collections that I posted earlier this week may be the last photo collection posts that I ever make…  I’ve pretty much finished documenting every complete sub-collection that I’ve ever had, other than the records I released myself on Rivalry Records, and a few more “poppy” things like Strike Anywhere, Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Paint It Black, and Get Up Kids.   I don’t think I’m going to continue with documenting that stuff.  Why?  For those more poppy records, I sold a lot of them a couple of years ago, so the photos would have to be one-by-one, digging up photos that I used for eBay (unlike the other sub-collections which have cool photos of all the records together in one photo).  Plus, I sold a lot via private sale, so there are certain things that I don’t even have photos of anymore.  As for Rivalry Records stuff – bands like Allegiance, Go It Alone, Verse, Another Breath, The First Step, Physical Challenge, Soul Control, Betrayed, Killing The Dream, In Control, Internal Affairs, etc…. It’s very possible that someday I may go ahead and take photos of each Rivalry release with all unique versions compiled into one photo per release, just like I’ve done with all the other sub-collections.  I think I can commit to taking the photos someday, but not the detailed write-ups.  Those bands are full of some of my closest friends and are super important to me.  I have a billion fun stories to go with each release, so you’re probably wondering why I wouldn’t have documented that stuff right away in the first place?!  I actually do feel a bit guilty about that, because I know the dudes have got to be wondering what’s up with that!  Well, to be honest, there are 3 main reasons for that…  The first is very straight forward: I felt like a lot of the vinyl pressing documentation had already been covered in the Rivalry discography, which is still online.  Granted, that vinyl discography only has stories about the actual release and vinyl pressing process, with very little about my emotional attachment to the band, or how they came to be part of the Rivalry family, etc.  So I do realize that I’m leaving out a lot of the very details that has made the rest of this vinyl blog so special – the background, context, and importance of these bands and how they played a role in my personal life.  But that is a nice transition into the 2nd reason why I am probably not going to tackle the Rivalry blog posts….  It would feel too self-indulging and/or pompous to speak about the importance of records that I released myself, since this blog has ultimately evolved into a documentation of how others’ efforts in hardcore have made a positive effect on me and my life during my formative years.  I can only hope that something that I’ve played a part in creating has had a similar impact on someone out there.  But that’s not for me to write about….  That’s for someone else to appreciate and reflect on.  Which leads me to the 3rd reason that I’m not going to write blog posts for each Rivalry Records release:  It just feels too overwhelming.  I have a billion amazing memories of hanging out with all of the guys in the aforementioned bands, and how they have all positively affected my life.  To try to capture all of it here would be impossible, time-consuming, and ultimately exhausting.  Worse yet, I would undoubtedly leave out any number of details that would hurt people’s feelings because they weren’t included – and it would all be simply due to the innocence/ignorance of a fuzzy mind and/or lack of time.  I just know that I can’t commit to writing the volumes that I would inevitably write about Rivalry Records, because it would be a year-long project.  With me being such a perfectionist, sometimes I need to keep myself in check and know when to tell myself that too much is too much….  And I know that trying to tackle a nostalgic lookback at Rivalry Records would be too much.  I would end up insisting on writing a novel (literally).  Hmmm…. What an idea! haha.  Ok, so I’m just going to leave it at this: “Rivalry Records was an amazing 6 year period of my life when I got the unique opportunity to do something productive, inspiring, and impactful on a truly global scale with 30+ of my closest friends and I will forever be grateful to them for the commitment and faith that they put in me.  Thank you guys, for all of your friendship, hard work, and most importantly, for all of the good times.  We killed it.” 🙂

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