New batch of heavy hitters for sale – YOT and Chain tests, Warzone aborted, Champion tests

The rest of the sales have gone well, and I’ve felt OK about letting go of some pretty serious stuff.  With that said, I’ve done some thinking, and I’m ready to let a few more heavy hitters go… I’ve updated the VINYL FOR SALE list with some new stuff, which includes original Revelation test pressings for Youth Of Today and Chain Of Strength, an original Warzone aborted 7″ out of only 41 copies, a bunch of rare Chain 7″s like a Chain Crew, and a bunch of modern test pressings/rarities from Champion, Betrayed, Terror, No Warning, and Modern Life Is War.  As I did earlier, I’ll start taking offers on this stuff via private sale.  If I don’t get the offers that I’m hoping for, the left-overs will eventually make their way to eBay.  But just like last time, I’d expect most of the good stuff to go pretty quickly!  Click here to see the list: VINYL FOR SALE.  Contact info is listed at the very top of the “for sale” page.

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