A couple of old Carry On photos…

This isn’t a huge update by any means, but Todd Jones just emailed me a couple of old photos that I’ve added to the Carry On blog entry. These are fucking great! hahaha.

Here’s a photo taken that weekend at “Brotherhood Park” (obviously it’s not really called that) in Seattle. Sorry for the really poor quality! Back row: Lucas McFadden (definitely rocking huge pants even in 2001, and insisted on wearing them all the way up through about 2004-2005), Graham Clise, Ryan George, Todd Jones, Jeff Givens, Scott Magrath. Front: Jon Westbrook, Kyle Whitlow (Me, sporting ridiculously ugly bright red Saucony Shadows, haha).

Todd emailed me this photo as well. It came via his friend, Shannon. I love the autographs by each of the band members! hahahaha. “Fuck Life” by Todd and “X The Truth X” by Graham. Amazing. That’s Jeff Givens in the bottom center photo with Graham. I love how Graham is doing the exact same “standing hard / X” pose in two completely separate pictures, haha!

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