Bridge 9 Records #1-75 Documentary

Bridge 9 is up in the vinyl documentary.  For a lot of kids in my generation of hardcore, Bridge 9 was like our “Revelation Records #1-20”. No, I’m not trying to make any wild statement about American Nightmare being as influential as Gorilla Biscuits or something. I’m just drawing a parallel between the early tight-knit group of New York hardcore bands on Revelation in the late 80’s, and the group of Boston related hardcore bands of Bridge 9 in the late 90’s and early 2000 era. In both cases, the record label seemed to come out of nowhere to capture an entire era of hardcore within their early catalog, and both definitely had a particularly regional flavor to them. From about B9R #6 (Right Brigade split 7″) through B9R #30 (No Warning “Ill Blood”), every time B9 announced a new release, it was like “fuck yeah, they are killing it!” What’s really impressive about B9 is that they’ve kept it up for so long! I first started pre-ordering Bridge 9 releases with B9R #4, and I ordered almost every single record from that point on, up through B9R #100. Whereas Revelation kinda fell off into the “post hardcore” world after Rev #22 or so, Bridge 9 continued releasing a lot of the best hardcore stuff, up through about B9 #100 (they’ve since started dabbling in the “bigger” world of pop punk and things like that too). The bottom line is that B9 is still releasing hardcore music, hundreds of releases later, and that’s downright impressive, for any label. My collection documented below is a nearly 100% complete B9R #1-75, even including test pressings for probably 30-40% of them! I own plenty of B9 releases after #75 (Ceremony, Verse, Have Heart, Paint It Black, Strike Anywhere, Crime In Stereo, Polar Bear Club, etc), but I stopped my completist collection at Have Heart “The Things We Carry” because that was really the last record I was super attached to. #75 just seemed like a nice round number and the Have Heart LP was the perfect album to close out my “complete collection”. Any release after that I’ve sold off until I owned just one copy of each release. I did include a list at the very bottom which includes every B9 release that I own, even releases after #75. Hopefully you’ll get a kick out of this huge documentary of B9R #1-75… I don’t know if anyone has ever documented something this big, with this much detail before. Enjoy!

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