They Tried To Break The Best Of Us

Champion has been completed in the vinyl documentary.  If you haven’t yet checked out the Carry On blog entry, you will probably want to read that one after Champion.  The stories in each are definitely related, and everything will make more sense if you read them together.  The friendships forged between Champion, Carry On, and all of the related bands and friends was a super strong bond that touched a tight group of friend’s lives on the west coast in a way that we’ll never be able to completely explain.  This is my attempt at trying to explain it.

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3 Responses to They Tried To Break The Best Of Us

  1. Kim Punkrock says:

    Wow Awesome set! I agree that Champion is a special band and the fact that I got to see their last show here in seattle after I moved here is one of my favorite memories of moving here. Most of my memories are that great that their last show and all the hardcore shows I see out here are good ones. I have one of those records and that is the last show press of Promises Kept. Before that I had the CD.

    • Kim Punkrock says:

      I meant to say that most of my memories after moving here are NOT that great, but all the hardcore show memories are good ones. Hey are you the same Kyle that runs Rivalry? I love that quilt by the way, that is so just awesome. I have a few of those shirts in that picture myself.

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