Detailed vinyl photos added

I’ve been busy adding tons of detailed close-up photos of every release that was already in the vinyl documentary.  So if you’ve already viewed blog posts like Revelation, Dischord, American Nightmare, MLIW, Have Heart, etc, you may want to go check them out again – there are tons of new photos!   I realized that before a lot of of these went out the door for good, I wanted to get close-ups of all the things that makes these things rare.  So now you’ll find photos of almost every insert, special stamp, hand-written note, or label art for each release!  The photo above is just one example: Youth Of Today – “Can’t Close My Eyes” 7″ on orange vinyl out of 100, pressed by Ray and Jordan to trade for toys, thus the Batman (or Superman) stamps.  I wanted to take close-ups to capture things like this hand-written message and Batman stamps!  Check out the Revelation blog entry for all sorts of other cool Revelation odds and ends, like this Chain Of Strength stationary!

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