In This Life, There Are No Clean Breaks…

I just finished up Modern Life Is War and Bane in the vinyl documentary.  Based on the other records I’ve posted, MLIW is probably an odd fit.  I realize that.  But if you know me at all, or even if you don’t, it’s probably worth a read just because I had a really powerful reaction to MLIW and everything that came from their small town Iowa aesthetic, most notably with the Witness LP.  All the feelings that come with me listening to some of their records started to come out in my write up.  It’ll give you a little bit of a glimpse into where I grew up, into how I grew up.  As for Bane… I posted Bane with MLIW because I thought they had a similar “modern vibe”, whereas most of the other things have been old 80’s hardcore, or 90’s revival era type stuff.  Bane sort of bridges that gap from 90’s revival to modern stuff.  Bane’s song Count Me Out will always be a modern classic for me.  To this day, I still check out Bane’s new material when it comes out.  “Swan Song” off “The Note” album – that song is dope!  As always, enjoy the write ups!

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