A Time We’ll Remember

After collecting punk vinyl for 15 years, I am calling it quits.  More and more I’m coming to realize the aged truism:  we don’t own our possessions, our possessions end up owning us.  It’s time for me to pass on a lot of this for others to enjoy, who will eventually pass on to another, etc etc.  This is just the natural cycle of collectors of any kind, and I think it’s a fun thing to be a part of.  I’ve enjoyed compiling several different collections; so much so, that I’m taking the time to document many of my favorite “sub-collections” here in photographs.  I’ve also included little stories about each photo regarding little fun facts about how I came to own some of these, etc. I don’t have a specific time table for any of this, and I’m not selling everything. I’ll be keeping one copy of every single release I own, because I do want the artwork and the music!  I just don’t need multiple copies of the same release anymore.  That means I won’t be selling my one original Antidote 7″ or my only copy of Victim In Pain, etc.  I’ll also be keeping all of my Minor Threat, Youth Of Today, Carry On, Champion, and Rivalry releases – these are all bands that had a significant influence on me and/or I was involved with the bands.  I will post things for sale at my own pace, in no order other than “whatever is easiest to part with first”.  First and foremost this is just a visual documentation of my collection.  Not everything you see in photos will be for sale, though much of it will be.   I’ll make separate “sale posts” when I identify pieces that are ready to sell.

I’ve started off by taking photos of my nearly complete Revelation Records #1-23 collection, plus my Floorpunch, Negative Approach, and Alone In A Crowd collections.  The link at the end of this paragraph will take you to a page that looks similar to this post. Just scroll down and click links for each particular band or label photo collection. Enjoy the stories and photos!  Vinyl photos

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