Let There Be Light

Some days just turn out right. Driving around with the windows down, sun pops out, iPod on shuffle, feel-good song comes on that you haven’t heard in a long time.  Nas – Let There Be Light.  “Focus on good things man, good times, haha, alright”.  Hey, all feel-good songs are cheesy, I give it a pass. Felt so good, had to switch to Nas “Untitled” album and put on “Hero”….

“I can’t sound smart cuz ya’ll’ll run away? They say I ain’t hungry no more cause I don’t talk about ‘ye.” 

“Try telling Bob Dylan, Bruce or Billy Joel, they can’t sing what’s in they soul.

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1 Response to Let There Be Light

  1. John J says:

    Weird how that works out right? Had my iPod on shuffle, and Redemption 87 felt just right, so I put on the entire Self Titled. It was awesome. I hadn’t had that much fun with hardcore in a long time.

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